It’s true, I’m a copywriter, I’m a businesswoman, I teach others how to write and rock their marketing, but honestly the only thing you need to know, and know on a cellular level, is that you are loved.

You are adored.

You are worthy.

You are enough.

You are.

And it is beautiful.

This week it’s Thanksgiving in the United States, and this is a fitting post for the timing, but it’s not why I’m writing it.

I’m writing this because sometimes life throws wrenches at our heads and once in a while we’re not quick enough to duck out of the way.

And sometimes that hit to the head leads us to these sorts of doubtful questions:

Am I enough?

Am I loved?

What’s wrong with me?

Why do I have to work so damn hard only to be smacked in the temple with a tool?

Personally, I believe those times are an invitation, an opportunity, a neon sign on the Las Vegas strip to realize that you ARE loved. You ARE enough. There’s nothing wrong with you. And you don’t have to work so damn hard.

What happens more often however is we become mired in self-doubt and criticism. What did I do wrong? How am I flawed? What the hell?!, as you shake your fist at the stars.

I know; I’ve been there.

But in the midst of trial it dawned on me that I can choose. I can choose to look forward in love. I can choose to open my heart. I can choose to know that I am loved.

And you can too, because it’s who you are.There is only one thing you must know, and know it on a cellular level. You are loved.

When we create from love, when we choose our own worthiness, life opens its arms and envelops us in an embrace warmer than the sun in the Sahara.

It is our right.

So if you are in overwhelm, if you’re struggling, if you’re even just a little uncertain, look around and become a sponge for the love that surrounds you.

Notice it.

Revel in it.

Soak it up.

And remember that you are enough and you are loved.

Then, and only then, take action. Write that blog, send that letter, post that marketing invitation, create that webinar. Do it when you are overflowing with love, and not before.

It is better to fall silent for a time than to push forward from any other place.

See, when we feel love, and loved, we create from love and that is the most attractive force in the universe.

It’s irresistible, and it’s more effective than 10,000 hours of trying from a place of uncertainty.

You are love; line up with it and you will flourish.

I love you all, and am truly honored by every single eyeball and finger-click that lands you here. I appreciate all your support and kind words. I love seeing you walk through your struggles and stand in ah-has.

I love you for being here and allowing me to be with you.

You are loved, and so am I.

And ain’t that the best thing you’ve heard all day?