If you gathered all the experiences of my life (and it hasn’t been such a long one) it would look like patchwork quilt – colorful and composed of every imaginable fabric (velvet, burlap, and a million grades in-between).

It’s been rich, this gathering. See, I’ve been blessed with a Want it? Do it! kind of attitude. If I want something, I DO it.

Period. No questions. I figure it out.

This attitude, this ability to take risks that, by the way, always,one way or another, pan out, has taken me around the world. It’s moved me to foreign countries. Led me backcountry snowboarding, danced me to the discos in Prague, walked the learning halls of an engineering school and the graduation stage of an architecture department.

It’s seen me live in every climate, in cities and suburbs. It’s moved me across oceans, and built multiple businesses. It’s been happy to be fired, and excited to begin anew. It’s seen me snowed in during the storm of the decade, and surfing waves that make my heart stall. It’s made me money I thought unlikely, and swayed me to tango with Argentines.

It’s stretched me, and moved me to meditation. It’s inspired me to find a spirituality that soothes my soul, and a trust that’s unshakeable (even when I’m a bit shaky).

It’s seen me on stage and back, building sets. It’s written a book, and sponsored events. It’s come eye to eye with wild dolphins, and shared bays with humpback whales. It’s gotten me ideal jobs in a recession, and perfect housing in a ‘shortage’. It’s made me a mermaid, and a translator of inspirations.

It’s said YES to opportunities that didn’t make sense, and has always managed to change my life.

And that’s just a smattering of what it’s done.

It’s been my companion along this very interesting ride, whispering in my ear, If you want it, then do it. There are no limitations. Just go.

And it’s been right every time.

But I’ve come to realize, everyone has a different tolerance for risk, and that tolerance determines the lengths to which you’re willing to stretch before you say uncle.

What I also know is most people don’t let themselves stretch far enough to turn a dream into reality.

There are too many people out there with dreams unrealized.

Dreams so effing huge, they don’t know where to begin.

Dreams that could be fulfilled one incremental win at a time, but the perceptible massiveness of it prevents the fulfillment of taking a small step.

There are lives waiting to be lived, but the fear of the risk – the agonizing anxiety of failure – stops too many before they start.

Because here’s the truth of it – it’s not always easy.

I have cried an ocean of tears, but the way my heart has broken open each time I prove to myself that I am capable of whatever I fucking choose – that is worth enduring any fear.

The memories, the experiences, the laughter and the love outshine the difficulty.

It’s worth it. This life, my life, is so VERY worth it.

Your life, YOUR LIFE, is worth the realization of every desire, every dream, every wish.

You are worth it.

I want you to know that. More than anything, I want you to say yes to yourself.

This world NEEDS people who are willing to say yes to themselves – for no other reason than to LIVE.

But sometimes we need an outside perspective to help us clear the path in our brains (a path our hearts already know to take).

Which is why I’m holding a contest this week. It’s called Dream It, Do It and 3 winners will each receive a 90 minute coaching session with me where we’ll make a plan for your dream to become a reality.

No more waiting. No more later-ing. No more someday.

Now is the time to decide how you’re going to spend your life.

NOW is the time.

If you’re willing to stretch into a new reality, I’m willing to help you get there.


Dream It, DO It, because the only real risk is not taking one at all.


PS – Winners will be chosen Friday July 22nd. Now is the time. 


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