Words are world-shifting tools | ashleywelton.com“Words are our most inexhaustible form of magic.” – Albus Dumbledore.

Imagine you’ve got a magic wand. You wave it, things happen. You point it, things move. You hold it, it powers you.

Guess what, you have this magic wand with you in every moment, and it lives in the words you choose to think, to say, and to write.

Words are reality-bending, magic-making, world-shifting tools.

They easily create and destroy.

They can change you from pauper to prince, from shrew to siren, from depressed to emboldened.

How you use them determines the landscape of the world you live in – truly.

It requires awareness to wield them wisely – to truly see how you use them, what you think, what string of syllables you run on repeat.

But once you’re aware, you can begin to weave the most beautiful tapestry simply by the words you choose to use.

Think of your business. What are 5 words that you can put on repeat that encapsulate the business of your dreams. What are the words that enliven, embolden, and inspire?

The words I choose to put on repeat are, delicious, amazing, joy, fantastic, expansive, possible, perfect. I have so many more, but those are a few of my favorites.  

When you shift the way you talk to yourself about your business, you shift the way you talk to others about it, and when you do that, the world’s perception of what you do, how you serve and who you are gets a whole lot rosier.