Some would say there’s no room for emotion in business. Remember this credo, it’s not personal, it’s business?

Yet, for most of us, business is intensely personal.

In fact, if we didn’t want it to be personal, we’d probably all be happy as corporate drones, punching clocks and following orders.

I haven’t met too many gleeful corporate drones happily skipping into the sunset, have you? My guess is not.

Emotion is the center of connection | ashleywelton.comIt’s because we’re individuals;  we are people. We are, by definition, personal.

There is nothing wrong with business being personal.

There’s nothing scary with allowing emotion into our work. I mean, whose idea was it to cut that one out of the equation?

Emotion is the center of connection and creativity. It’s the ultimate guidance system.

It’s your north star.

So if you cut it out of your business, if you don’t show your emotion in your messaging, if you don’t poke at the emotion rainbow of your prospects, you’re missing the point of being in business at all.

Emotion is a mighty tool that increases intuition, impact, and income.

Why wouldn’t you hold emotional connection as a top priority?

Nobody ever said yes based on logic alone.

It’s all about the feels, baby.