Your core values give your message depth and magnetism

I can’t tell you how many people ask, “But Ash, how do you begin to find or refine your message? Where do you start?”

Start with your core values. Many people haven’t taken the time to define them, but without having clarity on your core values your message will lack the depth and magnetism it could have.


Why core values? The answer is twofold. One, they drive you; they are your foundation. When you communicate and create in alignment with your values, you build with Herculean strength.

And second, because your audience, the people who connect with you most, will likely have the same or similar core values. It’s what magnetizes you to each other.

If you run a business that isn’t based on a personal brand, you might be thinking, well my business’ values and my personal values are different – and they might be, but they will overlap. You’ll see your personal values show up in your business, and you can use that overlap to strengthen your message.

Your core values drive everything.