This is your LIFE, do you want to spend it waiting, or creating?

Hey sister, as a woman you know we are hard-wired to give — and, most of the time, we delight in the giving.

But, do you remember who you are, what you want, what drives you?

What fulfills you, what sustains you, what enlivens you?

Do you know what your real desires are, or have you let them slide out of focus for the good of your family, your work, your relationship?

Maybe you do know but you feel like there’s no time for you? Like your wants are so far down the list they don’t even register as options?

If you’re depleted, you cannot give to anyone — not your partner, not your children, not your business, not a soul.

Remember that lively, wide-eyed, anything is possible, I can take on the world woman?

The woman who fearlessly walked into her future, heart on fire, and determined as hell. 

Is she manically waving her arms, begging for your attention?

I bet she is, and she's well worth a revival. 

Imagine she's back in action.

Maybe that means...

Letting go of an outdated identity  — starting that clothing company, taking up tai chi, morning meditations, not cooking every day — just because that's the way is has been doesn't mean that's the way of the future. 

Knowing where you're going, and having a path to follow — Finally! I know what I need to do; no more guessing and procrastinating. 

Experiencing joy in your every day journey, right here, right now —  I have never felt so energized, taken care of and full to the brim with joy.

Dissolving the guilt around those things that you love but put last (cause, you know, the guilt) — haircuts become restorative retreats, saying no feels great, that long walk in nature is an obvious priority, the farmer's market becomes an welcome event not a thing to get done, turning off your phone for an entire day *gasp* becomes possible.

Feeling the momentum build as your desire comes to fruition — little win, little win, how I love thee. (lots of little wins maketh the big)

Trusting yourself and your desires — maybe it's not logical, but it's intuition and I trust the hell out of that now.

Witnessing that you are taken care of, and life is always working out for you — there's no better feeling than this. 

You might be thinking, Where will I find time for anything else?


Or you might not know where to begin — where to start, what to do.


But you do know one thing — you're ready to shift something. 

Welcome to The Courage Chart, a practice that shifts the way you approach accomplishment & transforms your everyday into a life you love — one desire at a time.

The Courage Chart ties your actions to your core values so that the way you go about getting what you want never undermines what’s most important in your life — in fact it only strengthens it.

It marries doing with being in a way that makes the journey as delicious as the achievement.

Which means there’s no stress. There’s no deflation. There’s no devastation. There’s no stuck. There’s no crisis.

There is joy and creation and manifestation of the things you really want for your life.

When you use this framework, bit by bit, your life will change.

Because that’s the thing about practices, they’re not a one and done deal. They transform your life from the inside out,

They’re subtle and profound.

And they don't have to take a lot of time — their only requirement is consistency.

Once you learn The Courage Chart framework, it will stay with you for the rest of your life, and you can quickly apply it to anything.

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There are a lot of ways to go about achieving goals. Many of them aren’t so healthy for your mind, spirit, soul or loved ones.

Most of the methods require pushing, sacrifice, stress, and strain — like it’s a badge of honor to flaunt.

But this is your life, don’t you want it to support you?

Don’t you want your everyday actions to build you up, not tear you down?

Don’t you want your head to hit the pillow at the end of the day and feel like, damn that was a good day because I know what I did was in alignment with what I want?

Of course you do.

That’s where peace and a good night’s sleep come from.

And there is no greater joy than a good night’s sleep.


There are far too many things in life that we’ve muscled through—your heart’s desire doesn’t need to be one of them.

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The Courage Chart: At a Glance

The Courage Chart: Step by Step

The Courage Chart can be done in a day, a week, a month—but I wouldn’t suggest taking too long because the point here is to start feeling how you want to feel and doing what you need to do, today, right now.

Each step contains a short video, transcript, audio file, and workbook. Depending on you and how much thinking & feeling you have to do, you can expect to spend less than an hour on each step (seriously, isn’t your dream worth forgoing an hour of Netflix?)

The Foundation

Who do you want to be; how do you best live?

The Foundation brings your preference to the forefront so that the goals you pursue align with it.

  • You’ll discover the stories you tell yourself which prevent you from living life on your terms.
  • You’ll learn to see guilt and supposed to’s in a whole different light.
  • You’ll decide, how you want to live, who you want to be, and your core values that run the whole thing.

The Foundation reminds you WHO you are.

Deep down you know; not living it is what keeps you stuck.

Step One

What DO YOU Desire?

Chances are you have a desire, (if you don’t this process WILL unearth one), but if you do, and it’s not happening, or you haven’t started, you’re probably frustrated as hell, and hoping for a miracle.

This step is is part one of that miracle.

  • You will understand why the thing you want isn’t happening.
  • You’ll clarify your intention and shine a spotlight on the Emotional Desire of your goal. 
  • You will get down and dirty honest with yourself.
  • You’ll decide whether your desire, as you’ve currently defined it, aligns with how you want to live your life.

Because if your goal and the way you want to live don’t line up, you’re going to have a helluva time getting that thing to manifest in reality, and I’ve seen too many women go down the course of push, force, burn out to let you follow their lead.

Step Two

Write Your Story

We are writing our stories every single day. Every moment we speak our lives into being.

The words we use and the thoughts we choose create our reality.

This step gives you a leading edge on the life you’re designing.

  • You’ll bring awareness to the thoughts and pictures you have about your desire.
  • You’ll learn how to be the author of your entire story—not just the end scene.
  • You’ll identify how the achievement of your goal makes you feel.

Being intentional with your words, and the mental movies you play out, is one of THE MOST powerful tools at your disposal for the realization of your desire.

Step Three

Uncover Your Warrior

Where do you find the courage to start? And when it gets tough (as all worthy endeavors do), where do you find the brave to keep going?

Your Warrior will keep you moving forward when you want to stop, she or he is will be your greatest champion—your backbone and your motor.

  • You will unearth the courage (and proof) to keep you on track.
  • You will show yourself that you are capable of whatever you desire.
  • You will expose the greatest fears and obstacles that stand in your way.
  • You will learn how to soften those fears before they stop you dead.
  • You will allow yourself to dream bigger than ever before.

This is the meatiest step of The Courage Chart—what you learn here, will help you to let go and move forward in any area of your life, forever and ever.

Step Four

Instant Manifestation

The only reason we pursue any desire is because we want to feel a certain way. This step is about creating a medicine bag of action that makes you feel the way you want to, now.

  • You’ll learn how to pair your emotional desire with everyday action so that you can feel the way you want to feel.
  • You’ll redefine your concept of self-care.
  • You’ll create a 30 day strategy to keep you aligned and in love with your desire.

Taking the actions outlined in this step will fill your cup to overflowing so that you have the stamina and courage to keep moving forward on your goal.

Step Four is a critical step to enjoying the journey as you walk your way to your manifested goal. (It’s one of my favorite steps!)

Step Five

Charting The Course

Of course you want that thing to happen, but it’s not going to happen without a bit of action.

This step turns planning and goal setting on its head.

  • You’ll learn how to determine your actions without overwhelming yourself by them.
  • You’ll learn how to think spherically instead of linearly about the process.
  • You’ll decide when you will dedicate time to your desire.
  • You’ll change your entire approach to taking action on your goal so that it feels good on the way to manifestation.

We’re living a life based on preference, which means you’re no longer pounding yourself to the finish line.


#1 Superior Support + Cheerleading Squad (aka Private Facebook Group)

There’s no reason to go it alone. In fact, you’ll be betterand do more—when you have a place to talk through your process with others who know and understand what you’re going through.

Anyone who’s gotten that blank look from a loving friend/partner/parent when you’ve excitedly rambled on about your most recent breakthrough, knows what I’m talking about. Right? They love you; they just don’t understand.

The Courage Chart Facebook group is full of knowing nods, enthusiastic fist pumps, and heartfelt encouragement.

#2 Money Mindset & Tracking Sheets

This bonus is exclusive to The Courage Chart. This isn’t a course on money, but money often factors into the pursuit of a goal—and I don’t want you using it (or the lack of it) as an excuse for can’t.

In this bonus, I share two tools that have changed my life around money and being able to ‘afford’ my life and my dreams. They’re powerful, and simple, just like everything else here. The mindset piece may blow your brain—it no secret, but hardly anyone’s doing it.

You deserve a life built on the foundation of YOUR preference.

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The Courage Chart Creatrix

I have started, followed and seen to fruition more dreams than I can count. At first I white knuckled it—struggle and fear playing a leading role. But once I understood that I could feel the way I want to feel today—not when the job got done, the trip was booked, or the business made millions—I started to LIVE.

Today, my life is 100% of my design, and it’s because I’ve achieved a beautiful blend of knowing my preference—how I want to live, how I want to feel—and what actions I need to take in order to see my desires become manifested realities. That blend is what I give you in The Courage Chart.

It’s how I run businesses, travel the world, surf whenever there are waves, live in my ideal location, and choose my life.

My life. My rules.

Your life. Your rules.

The Courage Chart will help you write the rules for yourself—whatever you want, however you want it. I promise, if you follow it and you focus, what you’ll do with your life—in a very short while—will blow you away.

What Others Are Saying About The Courage Chart

stacygoldeThe Courage Chart was super effective at helping me create and focus on my goal while uncovering all of the muck that was blocking my forward motion. I feel like I shed a lot of frustration, fear and remorse. And I genuinely believe that this program is responsible for this awakening and shift within me. 

The steps are easy to follow yet provide just the right amount of “challenge” to gently nudge you toward uncovering & releasing what is blocking you from what you want.

This program will help you clear that stuff out of the way, so you will be ready to rock & roll!

The Courage Chart is a must-have toolkit that you can use over & over again as your wishes expand, your life shifts or when you want to switch direction altogether. No matter what issue or goal you have, this will work for you!

Now, I feel cleansed, open, ready and willing to receive all of the wonderful opportunities that I have and do want in my life!  I highly recommend!

—Stacy Golde

The Courage Chart helped me break through a block that has been holding me back from moving forward on a dream I’ve had for a long time! It showed me exactly what I needed to let go of. The Foundation immediately helped unveil it. This alone was worth it all.

The steps were fun and inspiring to do and the bonuses were icing on the cake! With everything we dove into within the chart, it gave me the courage to take this next step.

I am so grateful I did this because I’m FINALLY taking action towards my desire and going in the direction I want to be going! It feels oh so gooood to be moving forward!

—Bobbie Jo Van Den Plas

The Courage Chart has been more enlightening than therapy, which a lot of people pay a lot of money for (including me). It’s like you turned on a light in my heart and I can clearly see the things I want to work on to live a healthier life! This is what therapy is supposed to be; helping a person pinpoint their desire and giving them the tools to work through it.

—Madi Tasket

Before The Courage Chart the project I’d been “working on” was daunting. It was too big and nebulous. I kept trying to get to it, but found myself doing anything but…

Ashley’s Courage Chart helped break that down into pieces that I was resisting because I didn’t like the feel of them. Once I was able to reframe them and create an approach I liked, the resistance disappeared!

By the time you work your way through the process Ashley has charted, you’ll not only know that you can act to achieve your dream, you’ll find yourself already on your way!

—Michael Sudbury

I jumped on the chance to take this course with Ashley because of her ability to cut through the noise and get to the heart of what matters to YOU (or should I say, ME).

This course exceeded my expectations.

If you trust the process, you just might uncover barriers you didn’t realize you were letting limit you and, once the light shines on them, desires you didn’t even know you had. If you are in the change-making mood, I say go for it.

—Gretchen Hill


The reason I wanted to work on The Courage Chart was to help me focus on my true desire. You know, the one thing you know you want but keep postponing because of all the ridiculous reasons you can think of. Right, that one!

Ash really knows how to tick the right boxes and, as a result, all those objections have now been replaced with a viable goal, good feelings about it and doable but, most of all, FUN actions that will get me there. The Courage Chart really helped me to have the courage to speak up about my truest desire, experience how I’d feel if I got it and make me a map to get there.

—Wendy Dubbeld

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What To Expect

After you purchase…

You’ll receive a Welcome Email with your login to the course page where you can immediately devour the entire chart or…Do it day by day.

You’ll receive 1 email a day for 7 days (one for each step)

I’ll share nuggets of wisdom and answer questions in the Facebook group.

The process is yours to use forever—on each and every desire.

You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.

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How much time do I need to dedicate to this?

Each step contains a short video, transcript, audio file, and workbook. Depending on you and how much thinking & feeling you have to do, you can expect to spend less than an hour on each step. The more you do it, the more ingrained the process will be for you and the faster you’ll go through it. There are parts of it that I do subconsciously now.

Does The Courage Chart tie into The Brave Quiz?

The Brave Quiz helps you uncover who you are, how you work and what’s generally holding you back.

The Courage Chart is designed to help you identify specifically what you want, how it fits into the greater vision of your life & what actions you can take to make it a reality.

So they’re both about self-discovery and preference base on the principle of Be Brave, Do what you want, but the courage chart gives you more tools—a guided process—to take action on a SPECIFIC desire.

Do I really need another course?

I don’t know, do you? I hesitated to even call this a course, because the process you learn will stay with you forever. I purposely made it as streamlined and simple as possible, because you don’t need more information…you need something that works. It’ll benefit you for your entire life. You just need to learn it.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

All workshops, courses, and trainings are accompanied by a 10-Day 100% money back guarantee. Try the course, if you don’t love it, just email me at any time, show me you’re doing the exercises and not getting results. I’ll refund 100% of your price. After 10 days, no refunds are granted.

What is the format?

The course is 100% online. There is a course page broken down into each step. After you sign up, you’ll get an email a day for 7 days, but you’re also welcome to go through it in one go. There is a single workbook that contains the entire course, and workbook pages that are broken out for each step. Each step has a short video (less than 5 minutes), audio, and transcript—so you can take in the information however you best like.

Will I receive feedback from Ash?

While I will pop into the Facebook Group from time to time, this course is not a place for 1:1 coaching. If you want 1:1 support from me, I’m available for that.

Does The Courage Chart only work for businesses?

No way! This process works for anything you want in your life. Seriously, anything.

Be a warrior of light, courage and, above all, freedom.