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I loved everything from start to finish. The book you get at the end is beautiful as promised. But more important…it has real substance. -Shireen

I usually get annoyed by quizzes, but this one was spot on. I like how it didn’t put me into a box. -Naama

Your archetype is spot on accurate. I am a Compromiser and reading the description brought me to tears. Thank you for this work. I look forward to learning more from you.  – Danielle

The booklet was beautiful and I liked the magazine presentation. It’s pretty obvious you really did your homework on this brave archetype thing and that definitely deepened my level of trust for you. -Darla

Loved the quiz, easy to use, good variety of responses. The Thinker booklet made me cry…but in a good way. -Aliy

YOUR WRITING IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! – Caroline

Ash, you are brilliant. And your quiz results…beautiful and aesthetically OMG amazing. -Robyn

I love your Brave quiz. IT IS GOOD. Sister, you continue to blow me away….You inspire me so much it brings me to tears – Amelia

The book is BEAUTIFUL!!! Absolutely stunning!! Easy and fun to read. Full of insights. And certainly right on about me in some ways! (Which is hard to do) I love the action steps and the love that pours through it. It is totally inspired!!!! -Cara

I just took a screen shot of the My Barriers page of my archetype book and set a reminder on my phone to read it every day until what you’ve recommended becomes a habit. Because it’s sooo accurate. – Shireen

Just took this quiz, it is so FUN! The results you get are incredibly accurate, beautifully composed (the booklet is amazing!) and inspiring. Life is short. Get your BRAVE on! – Bobbie Jo

Spot on Ashley! – Joanna

The Thinker offers the most accurate results to a quiz I’ve read about myself. It’s amazing! -Francine

Reveal your brand of brave, and know what to do with it.

If you want a business and life that is full of experience, abundance, and LIGHT, then your ability to make uncomfortable decisions will be the determining factor between extraordinary and default. 

Over the next 7-ish minutes you’ll discover where you shine like a viking and quiver like a mouse.

Your results will illuminate the factors holding you back from making daily decisions which will unshackle you from a regrettable life.

Because you’re not here to be ordinary. You’re here to SHINE.

The Quiz …

The Brave Archetype quiz consists of 11 questions which will reveal you to be one of four archetypes.

I’ve rigorously researched, surveyed, and tested the questions and answers but know this: nothing is set in stone. Your archetype is an indication of where you are now—where you go is entirely up to you.

Which is why, it’s imperative you answer the questions honestly. Answer them as you would act now, not as you wish you were. Savvy?

By doing so, you’ll receive the right archetype book which contains suggestions specific to you to increase your everyday brave.


You might see your result and think, Eh, that’s not me. I encourage you to read the booklet anyway. Those who have had that initial reaction have then come back to me to say, “At first I thought, eh this isn’t going to be like me, but the booklet was more like me than I thought.”

Even Warrior archetypes have said, “I got Warrior and naively assumed… well what do I have to learn then? LOL. I never expected you to *read my mind* and pick out the flaws that go with bravery.”

So, don’t assume, be open and read the book.

The Steps…

At the close of the quiz you’ll be prompted to enter your details which will take you to The Reveal page + Your Brave Archetype.

Then you’ll receive an email with a booklet all about your Brave. (PS – It’s gorgeous)

In the future, you’ll receive Love, Sunday—my weekly column containing stories about courage through fear, mission-led messaging and how to incorporate more daring into your life and business so difficult decisions like breaking up your relationship, traveling the world, changing your business or what pillows to buy become easier to make.

Final Thoughts…

You can be quiet and brave.

You can be a courageous introvert.

You can even be fearful and brave (often the case).

Brave does not mean reckless.

Brave means the difference between creating a life rich in experience or standing by while life happens to you.

It all starts with knowing just how brave you are…