Let Your Stories Server the ReaderAs humans, storytelling is our favorite way to communicate. We lap up a good story like a golden retriever at the water bowl after a long run.

Stories can create solid connection between you and your people, if they’re told well.

Sadly, most aren’t. They’re long, bloated things without clear direction – sometimes, at their lowest, they read like journal entries.

Let’s keep you out of that pile shall we?

Good stories (when used in business) all have one thing in common, they have a greater purpose that serves the reader.

The power of storytelling for business lies in sharing stories that support your message, your purpose, your teaching point – which is always something that your reader will find valuable. Storytelling then becomes a chagillion times more powerful, relatable (and welcomed) than preaching.

When you share a story, ask yourself (throughout the telling) what’s the point, what’s the purpose? Am I on track, or am I meandering through the forest of my own feelings?