Pen and Purpose

Pen and Purpose

A 30-Day Immersion: Align Your Message with Your Mission to Attract the Right People

Get out of your confusion and into your clarity, out of your head and into your heart, out of your mind and into the world. 

You were born with permission to take up space; yet somehow you question it. 

You doubt your desire to share your wisdom, to be vulnerable, to use your voice to be of service because you’re worried that it isn’t wanted or that it won’t  be heard.

This belief is either keeping you safe in a too-small message or stuck in a mind-prison of ideas and desire. 

Come, love, take the pen, find the words, paint your expression across the sky and stand ready as those who hear your call come running.

What to Expect

You will hold the pen. You will yield the power, and it will be magnetic.

I will help you uncover the macro and micro scale of your message—your overarching themes and the minutia of crafting an extraordinary sentence.

We will find the core of your message—your anchor—and the stories that support it. Because when you know your anchor, you really can talk about anything you want and have it resonate.

I will help you see the golden threads of your unparalleled message and teach you to articulate what you’ve uncovered.

We will make these discoveries real through tangible and timely writing assignments—assignments may include web pages, bios, content articles, guest blog posts, speeches, content for a course, etc—the possibilities are open to whatever you need to create in order to move yourself and your business forward.

I just wanted to take a moment out of my crazy ass life and tell you how very much you mean to me.  I have spent A LOT of money in my endeavor to take my coaching from friends and family to the world. I can honestly say, hands down, no holds barre, that in two sessions with you I have gained everything about copywriting that I couldn’t get elsewhere!

Your style and patience and expertise have showed up every session. You have brought back my hope and my faith in myself that “I CAN DO THIS!”

Rala Brubaker |

What I love about Ash is her in-your-face, lack of bullshit. Before working with Ash my business was successful, but lacking clarity and definition. Now, our clients and prospects find it easier to do business with us. We can describe what we do much more easily. We’re more focused—and making more money.

I would absolutely recommend working with her, no question.

Dan Waldschmidt |


Ashley has a loving yet firm way of directing you down a productive path. Her willingness and open way allowed me to access what specifically I do and the freedom to say it about my business.

I feel free and more confident in speaking and writing about what I do. Keep going Ashley! There are many more folks who need your help to stand up and speak out!

Beth Simpson | Be Well

Thanks Ash! I needed that ninja kick to get me going! And boy am I going now! Woke up this morning at 5:00am and started right in with all my notes to move forward.

You were AMAZING helping me in outlining editorials and how to direct it all towards my upcoming webinar and complimentary talk.

You comes from so much experience and really understood where I was coming from and going to! You’ve got me totally focused! Love it!

Terri Heiman |

Here’s the thing about Ash, she’s smart and she knows how to tell a good story, the right story. She taught me how to make my stories better, stronger, faster. Sorta like the Bionic Woman.

She taught me how to listen, really listen to what wants to be written.

Ashley’s mentoring freed up my voice as a leader—and helped me to build a 6-figure international coaching business.

Dr Robyn McKay | She{ology} by Dr Robyn Mckay

This mentorship is accelerated, empowering, productive and fun!

I will push you to create more than you’ve created before.

We will laugh and discover and move with fervor and purpose.

You will be on an incredible adventure of connection to a part of yourself that’s stayed conveniently quiet.

You will produce ready-to-publish work, and understand how to continue your torrent of creation.

You will be a better writer, speaker and communicator of your message.

You will feel fricken alive and enlivened—a veritable font of creativity and artful expression.

Because you’re creating in alignment with your soul’s voice, your people will find you and be excited to work with you.

Business will shift in ways you cannot even fathom—because now your words and your deepest mission are finally congruent.

The Details

You + Me + 30 Days

You’ll begin this journey with a carefully crafted questionnaire, a cup of your favorite beverage and a few moments of solitude to complete and return it to me before our kick-off call.

90 minute kick-off call. Here we unwind the threads of who you are, your story, your unique blend of wisdom and begin to reassemble it into an artful tapestry that others will drink up. We’ll decide on your focus and your assignments for our journey. 

(3)-60 minute Message Mentoring Sessions. We will go over what you’ve written together. I will teach you how to make it clear, delicious to read and congruent with your message. You will learn how to write in a way that is artful, uncomparable, connective and in service to your readers.

Email access between calls—send me your words, your discoveries, your questions; whatever comes up. We will wade through them together—revealing, distilling and celebrating along the way.

We do all our work in google docs. 

You’ll receive a recording of our calls for future rumination & recollection.

This process is alchemical—there’s no other word to describe it.

If you’re ready to surge down a path of exceptional expression, fearless knowing and interstellar servicenow is your chance.

Enrollment is open Until October 1st — Limited Spaces Available

Investment: $1200 ♥

After you book, you will be sent a confirmation receipt, instructions on how to schedule your calls and a link to the questionnaire. You’ll then receive access to our secret space in Google Docs.