I’m not a prolific profanity user, but I will drop an f-bomb, a shit, a damn, or whatever I feel supports the writing, the overall message, and the spirit of a piece.

I’m not afraid of colorful language.

But that doesn’t exclude me from my fair share of backlash because of it. In the beginning, I used to sensor profanity from my pieces – allowing the opinions of others to sway my instincts – wanting so badly to be welcomed into the minds and inboxes of readers.

I’d start to type fu.., then hit delete delete. That feeling of shame and censure rising through my body. What if I’m judged as lowbrow and lazy? What if I lose readers? My parents read this blog, for heaven’s sake.

But, over the years, I’ve learned that other people’s opinions haven’t earned the right to govern my actions. I don’t care if I leave some people in the dust. And I don’t care if I turn some people off. Some people will leave, no matter what I do – with or without the profanity.

So the best solution is to write from my heart – to share my stories and messages in the way that feels most authentic to me. To make my writing sing from the page in whatever key its meant to – at that moment. It’s the only way to authentically communicate with the people I’m meant to serve.

Sometimes that means profanity. Profane, by the way, is defined as: characterized by irreverence or contempt for God or sacred principles or things.

It’s a puritanical principle that asks us to be the obedient servants of language so that others might feel more comfortable in the presence of our expression.

And that bit about irreverence for sacred principles or God? Well if you’ve been around here for any stretch of time you’ll know that I hold spirituality, alignment, and connection to source as my primary priorities in this life, there isn’t a scrap of my being that holds irreverence for the divine.

We live in a beautiful age, in a spectacular time where we have the freedom to play and mold language to best express our individuality, ideas, and values. That absolute freedom is the foundation of the work I do, and it’s the alchemy that makes the magic happen for my clients.

Holding space and giving permission to hone and express your exact combination of truths and values is my specialty, so how incongruent would I be if I censored my expression?

If I censored myself, I promise you my work in this world wouldn’t have the depth and reach that it does.

And if you do not give yourself permission to dive into the beautiful and unique flavor that is your message, neither will yours.

I’m not saying you’ve got to drop f-bombs. I’m not for or against profanity.

I am for authenticity. I am for mindfulness. I am for intentionality.

The question then is not, should I or should I not use profanity in my communication, the question is, am I being intentional with my words?

The more intentional and powerfully focused you are with your language, the more people will fall off, and the more you’ll pierce the hearts of the people you’re meant to serve and bring them along with you in a tidal wave of connection.

We’re not meant to satisfy or please everyone. You can’t. The secret is to satisfy yourself, bones to skin, soul to scalp, through and through.

When you express yourself intentionally and in total alignment, you become a magnet for others.

Remember, the stronger the magnet, the stronger it attracts AND repels. Owning your value and your voice means being prepared for both.


Are you being intentional with your words?