There is no room for mental wobble in masterful messaging. Before you write, speak, or mind bomb anything, you need to get yourself together – have a bit of a pep talk if need be – and own your goddamn value.

People will follow your lead, energetically, verbally and mentally.

So if you feel shaky about yourself, they will feel shaky about you.

Masterful messaging begins with a secure mindset | ashleywelton.comI never, ever, communicate anything if I’m questioning my value. If I don’t have diamond solid credo in what I’m saying, contributing, or selling – I don’t put it out there.

That’s the key to success.

Never have a phone call when you’re feeling insecure.

Never write a blog post when you’re questioning your direction.

Never create a service or offer if you’re unsure of its value.

Create and communicate from a place of confidence.

It’s better to be silent and take the time to get yourself back into alignment, than it is to communicate from a crumbly foundation.

You’ll have a greater impact. You’ll do a greater service. You’ll see miraculous results.

Masterful messaging always begins with a secure mindset.