Do what feels divine to youI’ll be the first to admit it; I hate most marketing. Really. I do.

Here’s the good news, you don’t have to market your business in any way that doesn’t feel good to you. My business is proof of that.

Marketing is simply articulating and communicating helpful things to people who are looking for them – and you get to do that in whatever way feels delicious to you.

Yes, you need to communicate about what you do and how you help – we’re not a planet of mind readers (yet), BUT you don’t have to do it in any way that feels icky, slimy, throat choking, or gut wrenching.

I call it natural marketing, and I’ve spoken about it at length.

So here’s your permission slip, if you need one.

You, darling, are allowed to communicate however you choose, to whomever you choose, on whatever platform you choose – even if that platform is the people you meet when you’re running errands in town.

Do what feels divine to you, not what you think you have to do, not what you’re accustomed to doing, and certainly not what you’re used to seeing.

You choose, don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.