Treat your life as you would the most delicious lover you have ever known.

Look at it through the lens of love. Let your gaze graze over its every detail.

Settle your eyes in adoration on each tiny element.

Touch everything. Feel it. Bask in the beauty of being present.

Play with experiences. Embrace curiosity.

Get a little wily. Be a little mischievous. Welcome your wild.

Throw it a glance as though it knows your every desire. It does.


Make Love to Your LifeMake love to your life.

Slow it down.

Taste the air, smell your surroundings.

Indulge yourself in pleasure and gratitude.

Invite your feelings to float to the surface. Grant them a whirl around you – seedlings on the wind.

Fill your lungs with the sweetness of the moment.

Roll around in the softness of desire.

Want. Because wanting feels so good.


Make love to your life.

Open yourself. Reveal your rawness.

Let your strength secure you and vulnerability enrapture you.

Explode with possibility. Giggle with glee.

Let it touch you deeply. Hold nothing back.

Be soft and fervent. Passionate and purposeful. Energized and spent.

Stare into the depth of each moment and say, I see you. I am here.

I love you. I thank you.


Make love to your life.

Be the most enchanting lover it has ever known.