Love Letters

Before Ash, my life was a carefree, disorganized, and cluttered mess. I felt scattered, drained and burnt out.

The inspiration I receive and the tools you have shared have helped me become clearer and be more intentional with my life.

Working with you has led me to an extremely successful year – successful in my love life, home life, and balanced work life. I actually feel that my goals have tangible timeframes and I’m able to hit milestones because I have clear vision, intention and consistent accountability.

You helped me figure out how I really want to live my life, what success means to me, the values I hold strong and how to incorporate that into my day to day life.

You’ve helped me put words to my vision so I can see it clearly. And you’ve helped me see that my bigger dreams are tangible and unfolding.

Thank you!

Malia Bolton | Owner Kona Coffee & Tea Company



Before working with Ash, I felt unclear on certain fears or beliefs of mine regarding my business, but Ashley was a perfect mirror to my stuckness bubble and offered me an array of insights & possibilities to explore according to my unique gifts!

For example, before speaking with her, I feared actually facilitating a group coaching workshop. We explored my fears together. She identified where I was stuck, and offered novel ideas + alternatives that made me feel in my element and confident. I now look forward to hosting my workshops now. 

Since speaking with Ashley, I have gained more clarity on where I was at & where I wish to be, and my energy levels + motivation have sky-rocketed. It is as though a veil has been lifted and infinite freedom, creativity + alignment were birthed. 

Ash is unique, whole-hearted & truly wishes to answer your needs. She cares. It is refreshing! She has YOUR interest at heart. And she knows how to meet you where you are at and to move forward along with you, from there.

Lynne Marion | Intuitive Life Coach


I DID IT! I’m now officially a Flight Instructor as of last Thursday. I’m so proud of myself….which is a big thing in itself!

Before my session with you, externally everything looked good and I frequently have comments from friends and family that I’m so lucky to be ‘living the dream’. Whilst I know that I am and I love my life, I had reached a point where every comment like that was like a knife. I was smiling on the outside but flailing around madly on the inside.

The real biggie from our session was you telling me to treat myself with compassion. Such a simple thing yet so hard to do! Many people have told me not to be so hard on myself but you taught me HOW to not beat myself up and it has made a huge difference.

I kept trying and every flight I would try not to beat myself up for any mistakes – which was more successful on some days than others! It became a mantra for me and has really helped.

I’m feeling confident and excited which is a huge difference from where I was at mentally a few months ago. I am determined to keep this mindset and know that if I fall off my path, I now have the tools to help myself get back on it again.

Joanna Forrester | Helicopter Flight Instructor


poppyAshley gave me an insight into myself and into all aspects of my life that I had never opened up before!

I have always been interested in staying focused on the projects I have going on as well as staying true to my loves of me time/friends/exercise and travel and wasn’t sure I could do it all without burning out.

With Ashley’s wonderful guidance and constant and uplifting encouragement I now feel so much more confident, happy and, beyond everything, in charge of my choices in every situation!

Thank you Ash, you are truly a gift to me!

Persephone Lauer | Costume Designer


Ashley has a loving yet firm way of directing you down a productive path. Her willingness and open way allowed me to access what specifically I do and the freedom to say it.

I feel free and more confident in speaking and writing about what I do. Keep going Ashely! There are many more folks who need your help to stand up and speak out!

Beth Simpson | Be Well


Ashley is a very clear and focused individual. She can get to the heart of you incredibly quickly and give you great insight. She adds immense value, creating clarity in a fun and easy way.

Elysia Johnson | Alo


katharinedever1Ash has a gift. When I was totally stuck, she showed up fully.

She is an artist and a beam of light, massively valuable for any business– you will not regret hiring her for your team and your dream. She is a blessing!

Katharine Dever |



I know how vital it is to have the kind of support that makes you feel held, excited, heard, and, above all, in sync with your vision and all its possibilities.

And so I turned to Ashley. I didn’t know her, but her vibe, her values and her professionalism spoke loudly from the screen and resonated deeply.

From the minute we connected we started an intimate affair, one of trust and understanding as she masterfully drew out what was tumbling chaotically out of my heart, and translated it into crystal clear words.

We laughed together, we got excited together, we dug deep together and before I knew it, the work was done.

But our relationship is not over. I will be back to adventure together.

Thank you Ash x

Jennie Harland-Kahn | Irresistible Living


roncAsh is Princess of the Flow.

She hears the voice I want to speak and simply and profoundly provides authentic words to sing the truth of my inner, dying to come out voice!

Using splashing light, engaging humor and one delicious word at a time from the magical Ash buffet, I finally began to recognize ME in what I said. Congruent, authentic, delightfully and slightly wacky, genuine, insightful and most remarkably, relentless in her pursuit of the joys of truth extraction, and, not to be overlooked, the greatest ‘noticer’ on the wide world of things

There are thousands of coaches, advisors, consultants out there. I know, I’ve spent thousands of dollars with many of them.

From that experience with other services, I can tell you that minute for minute, the assistance from Team Ashley is vastly superior to anything else I have found.

Aaaah, so grateful I found the right space.

Ron D Carlson | Intuitive Matters

Thanks Ash! It was great working with you. I needed that ninja kick to get me going! And boy am I going now! Woke up this morning at 5:00am and started right in with all my notes to move forward. You were AMAZING. You come from so much experience and really understand where I was coming from and going to! You’ve got me totally focused! Love it!

Terri Heiman |


janinebrollyI wanted to work with someone who would ‘get me’.

After speaking with several people, I chose Ashley! I am so grateful I did as she really understood me and what I was trying to create.

Ashley took my ideas and helped me express them. What blew me away was how incredibly efficient she was!

The one thing that stood out more than anything through the whole process was her professionalism! Ashley is amazing and I will be working with her again.

Janine Brolly |


Ash got me right away. She got what I’m about and got the core of my passion. 

Ash lives and breathes what she’s about – the BE-ing and the DO-ing being intrinsically linked, the yin/yang of a new, modern, business model – one where who you are, how you live, and what you say are all part of the gold. 

The work that Ashley does, IS Ashley. You’re in good hands if you want to create that whole package for your business & life journey.

Thank you Ash!

Caroline Cain | The Freedom Seeker’s Business Mentor


Here’s the thing about Ash, she’s smart and she knows how to tell a good story, the right story. She taught me how to make my stories better, stronger, faster. Sorta like the Bionic Woman.

She taught me how to listen, really listen to what wants to be written.

Ashley’s mentoring freed up my voice as a leader – and helped me to build a 6-figure international coaching business.

Dr Robyn McKay | She{ology} by Dr Robyn Mckay


Ashley, it was wonderful working with you. You have such a creative way of extracting out of your clients what you need in order to get a really good “feel” for who they are, and what they are truly all about.

You allow us to see ourselves in such a beautiful way. Your creative solution to express my services was brilliant. Thank you!

Judy Price |


Ashley I cannot thank you enough for the consult you gave me today. You ignited my fire and passion for my company, my website, my expansion…Everything! I feel alive with ideas and motivation. I can’t wait to implement all the incredible ideas you gave me!

You helped me see so many things that were right in front of my face but I was missing.

You helped me change my attitude and view point on some areas that I knew were stuck. This is going to allow the abundance to flow!

You assessed my company and gave me so much great advice and direction. I can see that just this session with you is going to jettison my business. I can’t wait to work with you again!

Thank you thank you!

– Cara Viana Hollenbeck | Dragonfly Diva

jenmerrillcircleAshley is such a giver— she is also the most genuine and supportive spirit. If you have an opportunity to work with Ashley, do not hesitate!

Jennifer Merrill | Green Quince Design & Letterpress

laurasmithcircleAsh’s positive attitude and lightening-fast thinking make her an incredible ally for anyone looking to get inline with their vision.

Laura Smith | Chief Firecracker at Pink Spark Systems


christinasandercircleAshley is genius.  Ashley’s great ideas and inspiration are absolutely invaluable.

-Christina Sander | Goddesspreneur

melissafrederick_100Once I’d chatted with Ashley I knew it was an immediate yes. She totally got me and my message. Not only was she super punctual but she also followed up with me, which for a busy traveler like me is invaluable.

Ashley has spunk, the kind of spunk that we all want to come super naturally to us but just doesn’t always happen.

Since working with Ashley I finally get my message across exactly how I want it to – fun, exuberant, and joyful. If you’re even remotely thinking about saying yes to working with Ashley I can promise that it will be the best decision you’ll ever make. She’s amazeballs!

– Melissa Frederick | Body Empowerment Photographer

danamermaid2_100Ashley is on a mission to rock your words, adding both simplicity and fun. I would highly recommend hiring her if you need to spice up how you express yourself.

– Dana Richardson | Dana Mermaid, LLC

elaine_100I feel truly blessed to have been able to consult with Ashley. She is always so upbeat and fun to talk with! She had brilliant ideas for me about how to make work and life more enjoyable. I am so grateful to her for being the awesome person that she is and allowing me to share some of her time. It was a real energy boost and it totally brightened my day! Thanks again, Ashley! You rock!

– Elaine McKenzie | Real Estate Investor

marknasutti_100Hi Ash, just wanted to thank you for your thoughtful and helpful suggestions and feedback.

I am impressed with your take on life and how you work with people. I very much enjoyed the conversation. Thank you for being out there with your “hell yeah!” spirit.

– Mark Nassutti | Author

kira_100I had the wonderful experience of working with Ashley. I have a story that I am telling as each of us do. We share our passions, our missions and our beliefs hoping to convey a little part of understanding to those around us. Rarely though do you relay your story to someone and then have them tell the story better than the way you told it! 

– Kira Kamamalu Ventrella | Hawaiian Artist


andynorth_100You are so inspiring, full of so much energy and beauty – you remind me how wonderful the world is and of what possibilities are out there for all of us. Thank you.

– Andy North


cherie_100Your talent and enthusiasm for life impacts my life every day. You are a special light. You are awesome!

– Cherie Johnson


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