How long should I soak these nuts?

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Recently I’ve been on a research kick around health and wellness. I’ve always been fascinated by natural healing, and have experimented a lot—although that Aloe Vera gel I made when I was 8 didn’t turn out so well—but, alas it did not stop me and plants, essential oils, herbs, FOOD, growing things, raising things and making things from scratch feels like magic to me.

The cauldrons and potions kind.

And there is nothing I love more than a bit of magic.

My sourdough starter has a name, Ferdie (which is short for Ferdinand, its fathermother). Ferdie makes a delicious love-laden bread. The yeasty smell of the starter and a fresh batch of dough fills me with such joy; knowing I can make something so beautiful out of so few ingredients feels like wizardry.

Recently I started making Kombucha. Before my first batch, I ordered this book and read it cover to cover standing up in the kitchen. The first batch is done and flavored—Strawberry/Lime, Lavender/Mint (homegrown), Lemongrass/Ginger (also homegrown). It tastes like wellness on my tongue (and not in a choke it down, this tastes horrible heeeeeaaalthy kind of way). I’m pretty sure I’ll be naming my SCOBYs soon too.

Fermentation is my next project. Kraut, kraut, kraut, pickles!

Working in the kitchen, making food from scratch imbued with all kinds of love, is one of my happy places—always has been.

But what launched me into my recent Real Food Frenzy was this podcast (which I’ve now listened to twice, also on iTunes).

The guest, Dr. Robert Lustig, shares all about the chemistry of food in our body, the evolution behind how we process it, and how the food industry got so fucked up (it really is, there’s no other word).

It’s absolutely captivating. I learned things like how overeating is a biochemical problem, not a behavioral problem (and why). He talked about the difference between dopamine and serotonin and what that means for your health (sneak peek, dopamine=pleasure, serotonin=happiness. Dopamine is self-limiting (which is why you always want more) and serotonin is only limited by an increase of dopamine, say whaaaat!)

The science is fascinating, and it sent me down a road of google searches and experiments. It’s why I’m soaking nuts, making my own almond milk, running away from emulsifiers, and never, ever drinking my sugar.

But, here’s the thing, and probably why I’m so entranced by wellness, we cannot serve a single person without our health.

We give up our right to vibrancy by making poor food choices (most of the time we don’t even know how poor they are).

And our expression dies without wellness.

You think you’re going to jam out your magnum opus through a system clogged with sugar and a brain fogged by substances?

No. Sorry, babe, not gonna happen in a way that leaves you feeling good (or alive?) on the other side of it.

Growing, cooking, creating, experimenting and consuming the succulent simplicity of real food is the kind of consumerism I can fully get behind.

The result of filling our bodies with simplicity and wholeness?


Clarity is creativity’s favorite bridge to you.

It’s fun, it’s exhilarating, it’s enlivening to feel clear.

When you’re clear, the muses knock on your door and opportunities sidle to your side.

What you put in your body, is a huge component of what manifests in your mind.

Choose the good stuff.

For my health and wellness experts, this knowledge probably isn’t new to you, but if you can find a way to make the science sexy for your customers; if you can learn how to translate what’s really happening in their bodies, they will be lining up to work with you.

Regardless of your industry, if you can make your message interesting, relatable, understandable and yours—you will have people banging on your door for more.

Love and wellness,

PS—Booking new writing and message mentoring clients! If you’re trapped in the confines of your mind and it’s stopping you from moving forward in your business, contact me and we’ll talk about it!