Know Thyself, and The Rest Is Gravy

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If they gave degrees in chilling, I’d probably have a doctorate – let’s be honest, a double doctorate.

My life to date is almost equal parts creating and chilling, I love both, but quite frankly, I crave more chill hours than get shit done hours.

It’s how I’m built, but I used to feel guilty. So guilty, because I felt lazy.

I mean, clearly, the message we receive is, if you’re not doing something at all times then you are wasting your life (geeze, the pressure!). And sleep, whoah, people wear their lack of sleep like battle scars – the gore and the glory.

It took time for me to understand that my desire to chill is just that, my desire, and I get to live my life however I bloomin’ please, because it is just that – MY LIFE.

On the flip side, I love love love creating things, doing things, making things and manifesting the shit out of life. I’m excellent at it, in fact.

Action and effort are my friends, and so are watching the wind, reading a book, and staring into space – to name a few.

Because I’ve figured out the inner workings of myself, and what I need to feel the way I want to feel, I can pretty much do or have anything when I line up with it. 

Meaning, there are no barriers and I always get what I want – at least that’s my perception of my life.

Knowing how I work means I can have a desire, uncover the actions that will move me in the direction of it, and have it actually come to fruition

That right there is the difference.

Through clarity and deep knowing, I’m able to manifest that desire quickly and often immediately – again, when I’m in alignment.

But a lot, and I do mean a lot, of people are trying to operate their lives from someone else’s switchboard. No wonder you’ve got controls that go nowhere and electrical fires on the daily.

It’s not your board.

Everyone is different, yet we’re taught to live the same. 

The basis of an easeful life (and I do not mean effortless) rich in experience is knowing how you operate and your deepest desires (ps – they will change, yay!).

What is your desire, how do you best live? Do you know?

Let’s see, shall we I’ll ask you right now to put your feet on the floor, on the earth. Breathe deeply. 

Ask yourself this question: What do I crave?

And I mean, craaaaaaaave – like delicious salivation and anticipation crave.

Then close your eyes and listen. Come back when you hear the little voice whisper.

What do you crave? 

The craving is the first step in The Courage Chart –  a tool I’m creating that will help you and so many others, identify a desire, and make it both an emotional reality (immediately) and a manifested reality (future). 

By the way, the emotional reality is the diamond, the manifested reality is the sparkle. A diamond in the light makes the sparkle.

It’s a 6 step process that is hung on the Borrow My Brave Method, which, when learned, can be done really quickly. It’s the method I’ve used to create everything in my life – regardless of circumstance, fear, or logic.

I love it because a framework, by nature, means you can use it again and again for every little desire you have for the rest of your life. Exciting, right? 

There are loads of goals workshops, and alternatively feelings workshops, but what has worked best for me is to marry the two, very specifically to each intention.

I’m heart deep in creating it right now, and it should be ready some time in November, hopefully sooner.

How you work, what you desire, what you want to create are all uniquely stitched into you. That combination will never ever be seen again. You’re that special.

You deserve to live your life on the tenet of your preference. 

Love and desire,