I’ve been writing this letter in my head for two days, and, while this election is a seachange in our lifetime, the purpose of this letter is not to belabor it—there has been no shortage of opinions, tirades, sadness, fear, videos, and elocutions about it.

You don’t need to hear mine as well.

But I do have something to say about change and our human capacity. 

I have always believed that change happens on the micro level, that real profound change happens first in the individual. What we’re seeing now is the cumulation of years of unrest. It’s a CRY for reformation without a better option, a kinder way, a more loving path.

But let’s take this conversation out of the highest echelon of American politics for a second, because that is NOT where real change occurs.

Our responsibility now is to decide if we’re willing to do what it takes to create the shift inside ourselves that will alter the course of the world.

If we’re willing to take every moment of every day and love fiercely. 

If we’re willing to show kindness and tolerance and light to everyone we encounter; not only those who agree with us. How do you tolerate the bigotry, misogyny and hate that permeates so many minds? You understand that they are hurting. They don’t know love. 

Could you be the first to offer it—without strings, without expectation?

Love is only love if given without promise of a return. In other words, you don’t only love someone because they will bend to what you believe is right. 

You love them because they are made of the same stardust as you. 

You love them because they are creatures who deserve to be loved. 

You love them because they are alive. And some beings that are alive do hateful things, and you love them anyway because that is how we effect change.

You can’t battle hate with hate and expect love to result, but it’s damn hard to love the perpetrators of injustice.

So we start on our own turf, within ourselves.

We look at the thoughts we’re thinking, the words we’re speaking and the motives and movies we’re running through our heads.

We stop waiting to do the things that fill us with happiness and joy.

Because you cannot give what you don’t have. If you are not joyful, you cannot spread joy. If you do not love yourself, you cannot give love.

You must transform the landscape of your mind and your heart first. Then you can begin, with your cup that runneth over, to dose everyone you encounter—with love, with faith, with tolerance, with kindness, with hugs.

You decide to believe in the beauty of this world, and you hold that image in your highest mind. 

You stand with those who have been bullied or oppressed. You hold their hands and shine universal love out of your eyes at their oppressors.

You teach your children what it means to be warriors of light, to love themselves, to love one another, to trust in the goodness of people, to look for it and find it. You do it first yourself.

You make moves on your truest desires, because this everlovin’ life is SHORT—why are you waiting to act on what you really want?

The more joy you have, the more you can give away.

And that is what we need right now. Not fear. Not terror. And not to push it under the rug with thinly veiled complacency.

What is needed is a personal revolution of the individual, then the family, then the community. It’s how cultures transform; it’s how we evolve. 

How do you want to evolve your culture—the one in your head, the one in your heart, the one in your home, the one on your streets, the one in your country, the one in the world?

What if each morning you asked yourself, How much love can I show myself today? And followed it with How many people can I love today?

What if everyone alive made those two questions the crux of their lives?

Now, THAT would incite change—quicker than any government, dictator, or personage in power.

Because the origin of power lies with the individual. 

It always has.

It always will.

YOU DO have the power to make moves, darling. Every single person does.

Focus close.

Focus on giving as much love as possible to every person you encounter.

Begin with yourself.

We are out of time to wait.

Waiting has no place in our world.

Waiting, wishing, hoping, watching will not heal the rent that has been torn in so many hearts.

Action is required.

Decision is required.

The individual, that’s you, is responsible for change, at home inside themselves.

What will your change look like?

Me? I’m for love and creativity and possibility and shining my light so damn bright that nobody, nobody I encounter can walk away without feeling at least a twinge of warmth where we connect.

Now more than ever I think it’s critical we fill our tanks and up the wattage on our lives.

Now more than ever it’s crucial we create things that matter, go in directions we were born to walk, and make positive impacts on the lives around us. 

Now more than ever, it’s time. Because this world is changing, and we have the opportunity to help chart the course. 

The Courage Chart is available to you. It will get you moving in ways you never thought possible—even if you’ve tried and tried. 

Whether you use this tool or not, please move in the direction of your deepest desires. It’s where love lives. It’s where giving resides. It’s the depths from where change comes.

I see you. I believe in you. I am here, and we’re in this together. 

Love and MORE Love,

P.S.—The Courage Chart  is a guided process that helps you navigate a path from your current position to desired destination that is entirely your own and therefore completely suited to you and your preference. I believe in it so fully I offer a 10-day money back guarantee. All you have to do is be willing to chart your course.