How to Stop Wondering if Your Voice is Welcome

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Who am I to…

The other day I was having a conversation with my friend—she’s brilliant and unique and amazing, but she still questioned her right to share her message, to ‘take up space’, to be heard. Essentially, she wondered if her voice is welcome in the world.

Honestly, I wish I could take a baseball bat and smash it through the plate glass of that belief.

Yet, I think each one of us has a doubtful minion in the back of our minds that whispers, Are you sure you’re not bothering people? Are you certain this room isn’t too crowded already? They might not want to hear you, maybe you should just leave them alone.

But here’s the truth: when you share what you’re here to contribute, you are not TAKING anything. You’re giving. You’re helping. You’re in service.

There is no ceiling on this ‘space’ that everyone’s afraid to take up. There’s no limit, and yet there is a lot of noise.

So why does the business landscape often feel like a trading room floor, where everyone trying to get theirs?

Because they’re treating it like a shouting match rather than a custom invitation. And I’ll tell you what, the loudest voice does not always win.

Personally, I refuse to play on the trading room floor. Flat-out refuse. And it has almost taken me out of the game once or twice…

But there’s a way to leave that trading room floor and move into a far more beautiful space without taking yourself out of the game—in fact, if you do this, your game will become untouchable.

It’s a simple secret whose execution is far from easy.

See, the single most important piece to feeling truly successful in your life is to be in 100% alignment with what your soul wants you to share—your mission, your contribution, your service.

And the majority of people in this world have no.bloody.clue.

When they’re in business they approach it from the outside in. They look to what people want or need, and that’s NOT the place to start.

The place to start is within—it’s knowing what your uncomparable, unique and exceptional service is in this life.

Listen love, if you’re in business, you can learn how to use language to resonate with your audience, how to create a program that fits what people need. There are endless resources on how to market, but if you are not in alignment with your message, you will not feel complete.

The business might succeed (more often than not, it struggles), but you will not be serving at your highest, and you’ll know it by that hollow phrenetic feeling that follows you.

When you have a message that harmonizes with your soul, you won’t question whether you’re meant to share it; you will just create.

You’ll be filled with inspiration and creativity to the point where you’ll start throwing punches at any voice that tries to keep you from expressing it.

The more authentic and aligned your message is to your soul’s calling, the less crowded your space becomes.

When that alignment is present, the right people are magnetized to you; it’s just how it works.

But, in order to even begin to hear, you must do two things.

One: Stop looking at everyone else: what they’re doing, what they’re saying, how they’re putting it out there, how it’s being received. Just stop because the moment you compare, you shrink. If you feel constricted, then you’re not going to be in a space to receive.

Two: Listen—not from the outside, from the inside. Cultivate a practice when you can hear what your soul wants to say, because when you hear that voice, action becomes automatic.

Now, you can try to wade through your own stuff and find the distillation of your message. It’s totally possible, but it’s a long haul and you probably won’t be as clear as you would if you have a guide.

Because, just as surgeons don’t operate on themselves, it’s very difficult to be able to zoom out far enough to see yourself clearly.

So I’ve put together an opportunity to work with me 1:1 that I’ve never done before. This 30 day messaging immersion is high intensity, fast paced and absolutely transformative.

You’ll get to the core of your message, create content that harmonizes with it, become a much better writer, and be buzzing with creativity and expression in a way that has people excited to work with you.

I can only take a handful of people because of the deep nature of the work, but if you’re ready to feel like, Yes I’m going to stake my claim, share my message and I know exactly what I want to say, how I’m going to say it, and who it’s going to resonate with—then let’s work together.

Love and Soul Celebrations!

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