What does it really mean to be in service?

You hear it a lot these days, maybe even from me. I often talk about how my business shifted when I understood (and applied) what it meant to come from a place of service, instead of a place of need. It was the lynchpin of my first significant successes and the foundation of all those to come.

If you’re in a service-based business, or, honestly, wish to live a fulfilling life at all, understanding what it looks like to come from a place of service is crucial.

Service, like self-care, is a feeling that fuels an action – and it takes you right out of fear and grasping and relocates you into gratitude and allowing.Service, like self-care, is a feeling that fuels an action – and it takes you right out of fear and grasping and relocates you into gratitude and allowing.

So, what does it look like?

It looks like shifting your perspective to that of the other. Asking the question, What do you need? vs What do I want?

It looks like being present with no agenda.

It looks like listening without plotting your response.

It looks like sharing without regard for the result.

It looks like living your purpose instead of your fear.

It looks like seeing the other as they are, not through the lens of your experience or projection of them.

And it feels delicious.

That said, I think it’s just as important to talk about what service is NOT.

Coming from a place of service is not…


It’s not seeing to another’s needs at the cost of your own.

It is not minimizing yourself so that another might gain.

It is not placing your desires below those of another.

Because when we are truly in service, everyone benefits. We are all uplifted. We all gain.

To be in service is to expand. It brings the light to everyone you touch, including yourself.

Service is selfish and support.

And the only way I’ve found to be truly of service to others is to place my connection to source, the divine, the all that is-ness, first.

When I am in alignment, when I am grounded and centered and in flow, I can be present for others.

When I am in the flow, I’m not fearful. I’m not plotting. I’m not manipulating. And the responses that come from me in this state blow my mind because they are not thought by me but rather come through me. It’s a wicked mystical experience and I love it!

I’ve found it is only when we step outside of our egos that we can be all that we truly are.

In being present for others, we are in service to ourselves.

Because, the thing is, we are not separate, and that is the secret.


PS – This is a critical piece that I work on with clients, critical. Because when you can truly embody your audience and be in service to them, your messaging becomes magnetic. Like moths to a flame baby. If you’re feeling a bit wobbly around your messaging, let’s set up a Messaging Clarity Call – it’s freeskis and you’ll leave with clarity around what’s missing.