Clarity and repetition yield confidence | ashleywelton.comClarity.

That’s the secret to building your communication confidence.

Clarity and repetition.

If you’re not clear then you’re muddled, and a muddy puddle doesn’t feel so great about selling itself as a thirst quenching solution.

So how do you arrive at clarity? One, you don’t ‘arrive’. Clarity is an ongoing process, you will always be clarifying because you’ll always be creating and shifting and changing – so understand that first.

But, you can arrive at a foundational clarity that makes any shift or evolution you encounter much easier to settle and secure.

That foundational clarity begins with knowing your value, knowing your values, and knowing the transformation or solution you provide.

Your utmost clarity comes from the overlap of who you are, what you do, and what they receive.

Try drawing those three circles and see where the overlap lies. Then brainstorm your fundamental values, and the total value you provide (which lies in the transformation they receive).

That right there is the clarity you need to gain the confidence you desire.