Faith, Fear and Flipping It Around

Fear, Joy, Mindset, Success

Stepping out of faith and into fear is like going out for a walk in the snow with no shoes on.

Faith is a warm glow, a full bodied hug—the greatest support you’ll ever know.

Faith is who we are, who we know ourselves to be—wisdom-filled and trusting beings, fully supported for eternity.

Fear, on the other hand—that robber of peace, constrictor of flow—does nothing to support us in growing, achieving and receiving.

It paralyzes us in a future that doesn’t exist, and steals the now entirely.

I know when I jump ship from faith to fear something’s gone off and requires immediate attention, because fear of the future has no place on the mothership of faith.

The indication could be subtle, like fruit that’s just started to turn—the tang of decay barely present. But I’ve also had it assault the senses, like milk that’s been left too long—acrid and curdled.

So when I feel that slip-slide from faith into fear, what do I do?

Usually, my best approach is to identify where the fear has rooted itself, stop acting on whatever it is that’s bringing it up and focus my attention on something that feels simple and joy-filled.

I’ve got a list of such things to make the choosing easy on me, because when fear is coursing through your veins it’s hard to take your eye off the wreckage and put it somewhere beautiful. In fact, I dedicated an entire step in The Courage Chart to actions that whip you around to feeling good—it’s a very powerful tool.

Sometimes fear sneaks in the back door of exhaustion. When I’m tired—truly depleted—fear has the opportunity to walk the red carpet into my head and bounce faith right out of the picture.

When exhaustion is the case…

I rest.

I say no to invites.

I swaddle myself in care and kindness because that’s where faith lives and I want her around.

I push deadlines. A perfect example of this is The Courage Chart. I intended to launch it to early adopters TODAY but, because I was so exhausted, I had nothing beautiful to give, and I want every invitation, every offer, every encounter to feel like art. If it doesn’t, I focus on filling up until I can give that. Which is exactly what I did this weekend (and it provides ya’ll with one last opportunity to jump on the early adopters list, bonus!).

Wisdom knows the power of faith, and I try to live my days in the arms of her embrace.

In all this, whenever there is oscillation between fear and faith (and there always will be), I remind myself…

The universe has my back. It wants to help me create, grow, succeed, live, contribute and spread joy.

My cause has a backer with the deepest pockets you’ve ever seen—infinitely so.

I know I live in a benevolent universe, and there is nothing to fear.

Running those reminders though my heart and my head plucks the strings of truth that reverberate though my body, booting fear off the island and settling me securely into the arms of wisdom and faith—my two best friends.

There is no lack, unless you look for it.

There is total abundance when you notice it.

The universe has your back—trust-fall into that.

It’s a more joyful and peaceful way to spend your days, of that I am certain.

Love, Wisdom and Faith,