Creativity is a piece of imagination made real. It’s making something physical from a collection of thoughts.

Creativity is where the rainbows of life play. They come together in a swirling mist and land on you, color by color, inviting you to weave their inspiration into something you love – that may also be beloved by others.

Creativity is our divine right and natural state.

And yet, so often we become mired in the day-to-day of our lives that we forget to create for creativity’s sake. We forget to invent simply for the love of witnessing the collaboration between our mind, heart, and hands.

Some of us have found a way to conduct that creative orchestration in our work. But it’s not an automatic. As adults, it’s not our default mode. Work is serious, play is for time-off and children. That is an old broken belief, by the way.

I find, that even though my work can (and often is) highly creative, if I do not wander outside the usual and call the rainbows of discovery through playing, my creativity shrivels and draws into itself, like a thirsty flower.

Creativity, like happiness, is a garden that needs tending, and I believe it’s possible for everyone to live creative, playful lives.

It breaks my heart, absolutely shatters it, that entrepreneurs crave creativity, in fact they financially depend upon it, and yet many don’t comprehend the value in the simplest way to cracking it open and letting the inspiration flow through them – play.

Play is not a luxury. It’s not a last on the list-er. Play, is the oil that keeps your gears spinning free. Play is the fuel and the fire of your creativity. Play is the salve that says, Yes, everything is going to be alright.

Play is the soulmate of creativity. Play is the opposite of push. Play is the soulmate of creativity while Push is the death of it.

There is unbelievable power in playing through your life – all of your life.

I don’t write to you for the money; I do it for the joy. I do it for the love. I do it to be of service, and I do it because it’s fun. It’s play. It’s creativity.

But it wasn’t always like that. I used to write because I had to – for the result, for the cha-ching bling bling baby (which more often than not yielded the clank clank sad sparkle, if only in my souldom). All push, no play.

Today it’s different. Because I embody play in my entire life (my love affair with play began outside of my work) I can now bring that spirit into my business, and it benefits everyone.

Let us bring more of THAT into our work, into our lives.

Play, creativity, and fulfillment are intrinsically linked, and I’m here to shine the light on that.

Play is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Write it down, right now, how will you marry your creativity and your play?

Do that, and you have a chance at living your true potential.

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