People feel the truth of your wordsWhat the hell is a creative center and how do I communicate from it? 

Good question. Lucky you’re here.

Your creative center is the core of you, the nexus of your brilliance, the wholeness of who you are, and the beauty of your presence on this planet.

It is the hub of your ability to innovate.

Your creative center is  also the place from which you most powerfully connect to others – so communicating from there is obviously a good thing to know how to do.

When you communicate from your creative center people can feel the truth of your words. They can sense the authenticity of your intention.

It’s how you create raving fans and forever clients.

To begin, know your values. What truly drives you; what inspires you? What sentiments center around those beliefs?

Always keep your values at the center of your communication, because they are the origin of your creativity and the core of your self.

When your communication stems from that place, the right people can’t help but connect to you.