Done For You

Monthly Letters to your Customers, Clients and Community

(aka Email Newsletters)

It’s no secret that communicating with your ‘list’ boosts the bottom line of your business.

We all know that by consistently interacting with your clients and customers you:

* stay top of mind

* are more likely to get referrals and repeat business

* increase your trustworthiness and likeability (people love supporting businesses that feel like friends)

The problem, however, lies in the execution of it—first, consistently and second, attractively—which means pleasing design and content that doesn’t have your readers deleting before reading.

I have not met a single business owner who wouldn’t, in a heartbeat, delegate the writing, wrangling, and sending of their newsletter—given the opportunity.

But where do you find someone reliable, well-suited and savvy, someone who has years of experience and won’t break the bank?

Hmmm, where indeed?

Oh Hello. It’s me. I can help.

I’m happy to take the burden of your monthly customer communications off your plate.

Let’s be honest, you have enough going on as it is.

Being born and raised in Hawaii (specifically Kona) I have a vested interest in seeing small businesses here succeed. I want our community to thrive, and helping you soar is my contribution to that vision.


Based on your business, I will recommend specific content to be included in every communication with your community.

We’ll have a conversation to identify what that is. Examples of what we might include are: a featured article, special events, new faces, new products, sales and/or promotions, community spotlight.

The aim is to make the newsletter enjoyable to read, informative and profitable.


Each month I’ll send you a prompt and you’ll reply with the details of what you want included in your newsletter(s).

I will write the articles, and reword any special events, bios, spotlights and promotions that need smoothing over.

I will set the entire newsletter up in your email marketing program of choice—subject, content, formatting, etc—so that every email is consistently branded (and you don’t have to do it). I am very familiar with Mailchimp and Contactually, but can work with just about anything as long as we’re not slinging some 2002 technology (in that case, we will upgrade you).

You will review the finished newsletter and schedule it when you choose. If you do not want to review it, I will schedule it for you.


Simple. Easy. Productive. Profitable.

Wow what can I say! As a new business owner, Ashley’s writing services have truly been invaluable. 
Getting our newsletter out to our clients every month is really important as it generates a ton of momentum for our business. However coming up with content, drafting and editing the newsletter can take hours that I simply do not have, nor can execute as professionally and effortlessly as Ashley does. 
Her content is current, engaging, thorough and often funny! Ashley is simply a joy to work with and I highly recommend her services to help streamline some of the necessary extra work that it takes to run a business smoothly.
Monika McKenzie | Owner, The Yoga Nest

Investment starts at $175/ month with a 3 month commitment