Ghostwriting is best suited for those who want it done already. If you want something written clearly, easily, quickly and in your voice, but don’t have the desire to do it yourself, then this collaboration will have you breathing free.

The types of projects I love working on include (but aren’t limited to):

Websites (from scratch or overhauled)

In today’s world, your website is the face of your company. Think of the last time you bought something, ate at a restaurant, or shopped at a store without first reading a review or checking out their site. That’s right…it’s been a while. You want every piece of your site to feel like you, so that customers feel like they know you from the start. 

Client Excerpt:

“EDGY is a practice; it’s a mindset. It’s an operations manual for extraordinary living.


EDGY is the four governing principles of my life, and the foundation I use to guide leaders of the biggest companies in the world to massive wins. EDGY is your map to living an exceptional existence.


No joke. It’s science.


But, first, it was a feeling.


EDGY was something I practiced before it found a name. For years, I operated on instinct…

Sales Pages
Sales pages are an art. The kind of sales pages I write are anchored in you—your personality, presence and service—and aim to clearly, and succintly communicate the what, why and how of your offer. I always include feeling, but stay away from fluff.

Client Excerpt:

The Spinal Flow Certification Program is a year-long journey of transformation on every level.

This immersive program, taught by Dr Carli Axford, bridges the gap between science and metaphysical healing—transforming yourself and your healing practice from the inside out. You’ll learn to read, diagnose and alleviate stress, pain, anxiety and depression—giving others the gift of a happy life.  


An Invitation from Dr Carli Axford


Hi there! I want you to know, this is not just another certification program.


People are stressed. They’re anxious, depressed, and in real physical pain. It’s heartbreaking, yes, but reparable.


In my 20 years of learning how to feel people’s bodies and nervous systems, the only approach I know that truly heals symptoms and transforms lives is blending science—the nervous system, spine, and physiology—and the spiritual—the energetic, chemical and emotional body.


On my own journey I realised that greater change occurs, not because of fixing one thing, but by addressing the combination of all of life stressors.
There are so many courses out there that only deliver a fraction of what you need to become a successful healer, but now more than ever, people are in desperate need of help and direction.


The Spinal Flow Certification Program is the most comprehensive and intimate offering I’ve ever created…”

Content Articles (Blogs)

500-750 word essays written just for you! We collaborate on content, but the finish writing is all me. These are especially potent if you’re doing a series ramping up to a launch, really want to get your audience’s attention for a specific topic, or know you need to publish epic content, but it takes you far too long to write it yourself (you’re better off making money doing your thang).

Client Excerpt:

Headline: The Marshmallow Experiment Predicts How Well Entrepreneurs Succeed


Are you familiar with The Marshmallow Experiment? Maybe you’ve see the video? It’s an important piece of social science and behavioral research where, in the 1960’s, Walter Mischel, a Stanford professor and his team sat children, mostly 4 and 5 years old, in front of a single marshmallow.


Then they made a deal.


They told each kid that they would leave the child and the marshmallow alone in the room for 15 minutes, and if the mallow was still there, they would receive a second marshmallow.


The results are pretty comical, but the long term data is more revealing. In over 40 years of follow-up studies, researchers have learned that kids who waited for the second marshmallow were more successful in almost any endeavor. They had higher SAT scores, lower levels of substance abuse, a lower likelihood of obesity, a better responses to stress, and better social skills as reported by their parents.

Delayed gratification, as it turns out, is a real asset—especially if you’re an entrepreneur…”

About Pages

About pages are a chore aren’t they? It’s hard to see yourself as other’s do, and even harder to write about it. I know, but I can see you (and your story) in a way you probably can’t. And, if there’s one page on a website you must get right, it’s your about page.

As the second most visited page on your site visitors are making a snap decision about you + them together. This page needs to grab your reader’s eyeballs, keep them interested and poke at their emotional rainbow so they identify themselves in your story and want to know more.

Client Excerpt:

The middle of 5 children and raised by a single mom on welfare, I grew up learning resourcefulness and creativity as a means for survival. As the middle child, I adopted the role of problem solver, and my mother’s example gifted me the belief that women are strong and can do anything they put their mind to.


Yet, during my rough and tumble (yet loved) childhood, one thing rang true; as an adult, I would never find myself in the same situation. Even when I discovered myself pregnant at 19, I knew my life would be different.


And so it was.


My very first job in high school saw me scrubbing in the kitchen of a nursing home – I couldn’t wait to move up to the reception desk. Intrigued with the administration office, I loved finding solutions to issues and helping the seniors.


Having a child right after high school catapulted me into the workforce. For a few years I worked as an executive assistant, first in an insurance agency, then in a property management office. Moving on to a telecommunications company, as the company grew, so did I. Shortly after joining, I advanced to managing the administrations department, overseeing 10 employees.


Putting processes in place to make work more enjoyable and profitable was exciting to me.


What can I say? I’m a left brainer who finds fun operating like a detective to solve issues, stop the bleeding, find the holes, put out the fires, and find better solutions. My creativity flares when it comes to conceiving new ideas and thinking outside of the box.


But most of all it is my passion to see people for who they truly are, and help them move from powerless to empowered, surviving to thriving, overwhelmed to accomplished, shaky to supported.


As a leader who listens, I am fearless yet gentle, strong yet supple, fierce yet fun, and here, for you, to ease your overwhelm.


If you have a project that needs special care and attention, yet you don’t have the time to commit to it, schedule a complimentary strategy call with me, and we’ll discuss your best path forward.”

Artist Statements

Similar to about pages, artist statements go even deeper and are less concerned with selling you, but still need to connect to your audience. Your artist statement should be as beautiful as your art. 

Client Excerpt:

As a second generation woodworker, I grew up with an exposure to the craft that not everyone experiences.


During my childhood, we’d hang around the shop, watching—trying to stay out of the way.


While my dad’s work evolved, I had the unique privilege of learning from him, and he continues to be a font of knowledge. He gave me the spark, a deep understanding of not only the craft, but of the wood itself—without that I wouldn’t have such a deep love for it.


Wood has it’s own voice, and while other mediums have a voice, this is the one that speaks to me.


I prefer carving because I like hand-tools, and the nature of hand-tools means I remove the wood slower, which allows the final form of the piece to be more precise.


For me, it’s more personal, subtle and helps me to be in better touch with the work.


As my work continues to evolve, I think it’s important to give the next generations an understanding and knowledge of hand-tools and how to read what a piece of wood wants to become.”


Also, teaching them to have a healthy respect for where the woods grow, and knowledge about how to maintain healthy forestry so that these trees can be used to their fullest potential will only strengthen the craft for generations to come.


Speeches are something we’ll do together, because it needs to sound like you and it’s imperative that the words we use are words you’d use—otherwise you end up sounding like a bad politician reading from a teleprompter.

Client Excerpt:

When I wrote this affirmation card in April 2008, I was Frustrated. Exhausted. Hopeless. I felt trapped in a body that didn’t fit, and stuck in a lifestyle I didn’t want. I was headed towards 40 and I thought well, I guess this is it, I’m getting old and that saucy, sexy, person I’d always been is probably just a part of my past.


I wrote down what I wanted my life to look like in 3 years; I’d like to read it to you, “It’s April 2011, I’m so happy & excited now that I have a group of women I can’t wait to coach, I’ve coached hundreds of women and helped them transform their bodies and lives, my income is over 100k a year, thank you.”


For three years I searched for an answer for how to do this. I certainly didn’t know it would come in the form of network marketing and shakes, but in April 2012 that life I wrote about became a reality.


But let’s rewind to then, 40 and fat…

Custom Projects Not on this list

If you have a project that’s not on this list, but you know you want me to write it, contact me and let me know what you need.

how it works

I work on a project-based or retainer fee schedule. For project work, we will wrap within 60 days of start (unless it’s a behemoth of a project—like a course from brainstorm to market—which can take longer).

What I don’t do is write your book, edit your book, or do small bits of projects like a single tagline or social media blurbs (they always need to be connected to a larger message and it’s almost never cohesive when done piecemeal like that).

I’m usually booked out a few weeks in advance. To get started, the best thing to do is contact me, tell me about your project, and we’ll schedule a time to chat about it and the details of working together.