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You’re this unique person, right?—with ideas, talents and gifts you want to share. But the connection between what’s lurking inside and what’s expressed in words lacks depth and lucidity—like the edge of a lake that’s been trampled by a toddler—stirred up, muddy, unclear, yet filled with flecks of gold glinting in the sunlight, evidence of brightness contained within.

If you could only snatch and show that treasure to the world. If only they could understand its worth.

My superpower is giving you the experience of knowing and articulating what’s inside of you—clear as settled water—and, through that authentic articulation, resonating with the people who most need your help.

I have translated and mentored voices across industry, gender and continent—from body empowerment photographers to billion dollar business consultants, real estate investors to life coaches, marketing software platforms to massage therapists, business coaches to organizational experts, chiropractors to international speakers. The list goes on.

But every client has two things in common: they have an intense desire to improve the lives of others and they are intent on telling a true story.

If this sounds like you, then you have two options.

I can write with you

I can write for you

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