It’s tough to feel confident if you can’t string together a coherent sentence that describes what you do, or how you help, or why you’re on this big beautiful spinning ball of fire, water, and gas (I think we all occasionally stumble over that last one).

But if you don’t feel confident, you’re going to struggle in your business.

Clarity begets confidence – every time, and never the other way around.

You must know your value, you’ve got to own it – diva on a runway, Tina Tuner on tour. Your value and your message are intrinsically tied; one feeds the other.

So, if you’re struggling to gain clarity around your message, take a moment and write down all the ways you improve the lives of those around you. You can start with business, but take it far down line, not just the first and most obvious result.

Clarity begets confidence

For example, say you’re a health practitioner who helped Maren overcome her chronic back pain.

The obvious result here would be, helps people heal from chronic pain. But let’s take it further.

Maren has always loved to dance, but because of her back she hadn’t been able to for some time. Now that she’s mostly pain free, she’s been going to the ballroom studio twice a week. Radiant and enjoying her life, one evening she partners with Pierre. They really hit it off, and have been happily falling in love ever since.

That’s one example of a huge impact. Now of course as a health practitioner you’re not going to bill yourself as a dating coach, but the far reaching effect of what you do can be folded into your message.  Get really specific, and then you’ll see the patterns.

This one probably reads like, helps people heal from chronic pain and experience a life that they previously thought was unavailable to them – then you can share specifics.

Clarity begets confidence.