How long should I soak these nuts?

Our expression dies without wellness. You think you’re going to jam out your magnum opus through a system clogged with sugar and a brain fogged by substances? No. Sorry, babe, not gonna happen in a way that leaves you feeling good (or alive?) on the other side of it.

The Endless Process of Becoming

13.7 billion years (give or take 59 million). That’s how old the universe is. In those billions of years the universe has continued to expand, create, collapse and rebirth. It is, by nature, in an endless state of becoming. The universe, of course, is a macro scale,...

Faith, Fear and Flipping It Around

Stepping out of faith and into fear is like going out for a walk in the snow with no shoes on. Faith is a warm glow, a full bodied hug—the greatest support you’ll ever know. Faith is who we are, who we know ourselves to be—wisdom-filled and trusting beings, fully...

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