How long should I soak these nuts?

Our expression dies without wellness. You think you’re going to jam out your magnum opus through a system clogged with sugar and a brain fogged by substances? No. Sorry, babe, not gonna happen in a way that leaves you feeling good (or alive?) on the other side of it.

The Friendly Face of Time

Oh our relationship with time. It IS a relationship, and a dysfunctional one for most, unfortunately. In a recent mentoring call I was working with a client around her relationship with time, more specifically, the enmity she felt towards it. Time steals, time takes....

Strong Back, Open Heart

Sometimes staying open is the last thing we want to do. Instead we’d rather pull down our armadillo armor and ward off any more attacks, any more feelings, any more of what is already enough—too much if we’re being honest. I’ve been there; my word have I been there....

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