Borrow My Brave Session

(because sometimes 90 minutes is all you need to shock your shift)

Borrow My Brave Session

(because sometimes 90 minutes is all you need)

If there’s a tire in your driveway, what are you going to do?

Drive around it (taking out a few bushes), drive over it (ouch), or move it out of the way?

That’s right, you’re going to move it because it’s blocking your path.

BUT, most people are driving over or around obstacles, wondering why the ride’s rough—not to mention forever taking.

If something’s blocking your way, it’s in your best interest to dissolve it—as soon as possible.

So that you can get on with doing your thing and lighting up the world in a way that only you can.

If you’re feeling stuck and have come to sever the shackles, I’ve got the bolt cutters right here, baby.

What if, in 90 minutes, you could solve the thing that’s got you hogtied to a life that doesn’t fit?


What if you could shift your perspective and make a plan to turn those chains into unfettered freedom – even if, right this moment, it looks like an unmovable mess?


What if you could gain one insight that would move your life forward and  KNOW what to do next?



A Borrow My Brave™ Session isn’t about armchair manifestation or fairy dust hoping.

It’s about assessing the situation that has you trapped, unearthing what you really want, and designing a plan that will make it so.

I am a genius at getting to the core of your desires and a master at charting a course to make it a reality – in a way that feels absolutely delicious to your soul.

Because, you’re not here to struggle through supposed to’s (had enough of that, thank you very much).

You’re here to be free.

Who Should Borrow My Brave?

(including but not limited to…)

  • You’ve built a successful business that doesn’t fit anymore, and you’re wondering what direction to go
  • You’ve been suspended at your current latitude for some time, and you’re ready to take a lift to the next level
  • You’re ten seconds away from quitting your job, but something is holding you back
  • You’re already brave BUT something is locking your wheels
  • You feel anxious, and life is generally not flowing the way you want it to
  • You’re exhausted because you spend all your energy giving to others and your tank is dangerously low
  • You don’t even know you’re stuck, but you’re not taking the actions that will move your life or career forward and you can’t muster the motivation to try
  • You’re on the brink of burnout because all you do is work, but you’re terrified that if you stop (or slow down) you’ll lose it all
  • You’re not exactly sure what’s wrong, all you know is life feels dull and you’re bursting to be bright again

That’s Me, So How Does This Work?

  • Before our session you’ll spend some time answering a carefully crafted questionnaire which you’ll return to me no less than 24 hours before our session.

  • You’ll get my full focused attention for 90 minutes, no beeps, no calls, no Facebook message notifications, no interruptions. I shut it all off for you, and I expect you to do the same.

  • We’ll have a 90 minute video call – because part of the magic is me being able to see your shining face, but don’t get yourself in a tizzy, show up however you like.

  • After our call you’ll receive:

    • An audio recording of our call
    • A suggested next steps summary from moi
    • One week of email access – in case you have questions (chances are you will)

Great! What’s the Investment?



Working with Ashley is like a plunge in the ocean — simultaneously relaxing and invigorating!  She combines great coaching with tremendous talent.

– Christine Rico

We laughed together, we got excited together, we dug deep together. From the minute we connected we started an intimate affair, one of trust and understanding as she masterfully drew out what was tumbling chaotically out of my heart, and translated it into crystal clear words.

– Jennie Harland-Kahn

Ash lives and breathes what she’s about – the BE-ing and the DO-ing being intrinsically linked, the yin/yang of a new, modern, business model – one where who you are, how you live, and what you say are all part of the gold. You’re in good hands if you want to create that whole package for your business & life journey.

– Caroline Cain

Ash has a gift. When I was totally stuck, she showed up fully. Ash is an artist, a beam of light, and massively valuable.

– Katharine Dever

Before speaking with Ash, I feared actually facilitating a group coaching workshop. We explored my fears together. She identified where I was stuck, and offered novel ideas + alternatives that made me feel in my element and confident. I now look forward to hosting my workshops. 

– Lynne Marion

Ash is a fantastic listener and her questions are thoughtful and thought provoking. She has the ability to connect and dig deep without being pushy. Thank you so much Ash! Your work and your life is a reflection of the universal love we talked about. Thank you for sharing your brave with me. It was a blessing…You are a blessing!


With Ashley’s wonderful guidance and constant and uplifting encouragement I now feel so much more confident, happy and, beyond everything, in charge of my choices in every situation!

– Persephone Lauer

I DID IT! I’m now officially a Flight Instructor as of last Thursday. It wasn’t my best performance but it was good enough and I’m so proud of myself….which is a big thing in itself! It’s been a long hard road to get here.

– Jo Forrester

I am pretty brave in my life and have made brave career choices and moves already so wasn’t sure I needed to “borrow” any brave. I wasn’t stuck with a major decision. BUT, I was stuck with smaller decisions that had a larger effect. Now, I feel lighter and relieved. Like I am beginning to close an old chapter and allow myself to be excited about the current one.


Yes, YES!

**Super Important Next Steps**

  •  After you click the link, you’ll be taken to my scheduler where you can book your session and pay.
  • In the email that confirms your session, you’ll receive a link to download the Deep Dive Discovery Exercise.
  • You must email that back to me (instructions included) at least 24 hours prior to your session.

Now, let’s crank on that light.

Before working with Ash my business was successful, but lacking clarity and definition. Now, our clients and prospects find it easier to do business with us.  We’re more focused—and making more money. What I love about Ash is her in-your-face, lack of bullshit. I would absolutely recommend working with her, no question.

-Dan Waldschmidt 

From our first conversation, I felt like I’ve known Ash for years and like she knows me—she just has that ease about her. She’s also a very good listener and can very quickly discern what is an obstacle right now without directly being asked about it. There are many reasons you may hold yourself back without realizing it. Get a brave expert to take a fresh look on your challenges so you can get unstuck and accomplish great things. 


Ash got me right away. You feel a sense of relief, a sense of feeling complete knowing that you are a whole and authentic representation of what you’re about.

– Caroline

Many people have told me not to be so hard on myself but you taught me HOW to start not doing that and it has made a huge difference. I still have plenty to work on but I’m feeling bright and positive about my journey and to take each baby step on my path. Overall I’m feeling inspired that I now know ways that I can help myself.

– Joanna

Since speaking with Ashley, I have gained more clarity on where I was at & where I wish to be, and my energy levels + motivation have sky-rocketed. It is as though a veil has been lifted, and infinite freedom, creativity + alignment were birthed. 


Thanks Ash! Woke up this morning at 5:00am and started right in with all my notes to move forward. You were AMAZING. You come from so much experience and really understand where I was coming from and going to! You’ve got me totally focused! Love it!

-Terri Heiman

I QUIT MY JOB TODAY!!!!!!!!!! My last day is next Friday and I’m so thankful you gave me the encouragement and little extra “push” to talk with my husband and make it a reality! So thank you 🙂 

– Melissa Thorpe

Ash’s willingness and open way allowed me to access what specifically I do and the freedom to say it. I feel free and more confident.

-Beth Simpson

Before Ash, my life was a carefree, disorganized, and cluttered mess. I felt scattered, drained and burnt out. Working with Ash led me to an extremely successful year – successful in my love life, home life, and balanced work life. I actually feel that my goals have tangible timeframes and I’m able to hit milestones because I have clear vision, intention and consistent accountability. You’ve helped me put words to my vision so I can see it clearly. And you’ve helped me see that my bigger dreams are tangible and unfolding. Thank you!

-Malia Bolton

It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.

― Erma Bombeck