Today is my Birthday, and THIS is my wish.

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For me, birthdays are my new year, my reset, my favorite day to celebrate, honor and love myself.

Today, I’m in a volcano; watching the world be created. This planet is remarkable, absurd and awe-inspiring to be sure.

In the 408 moons that I’ve been blessed to live in this body, my greatest pleasure is witnessing people turn the light on in themselves—to realize just how incredible, beautiful, timeless and worthy they are.

Endless. Infinite. Bright.

I’ve never seen age (to the mystification of my family), only potential, possibility and wisdom.

I seek out wisdom like a tree does water—dig deep, spread wide, seek it, follow it, find it.

In the wisdom I’ve collected over the years is the unwavering belief that we can be, do or have anything we choose.

I’ve been infinitely blessed with that belief and the circumstances under which I was born—supportive family, upper middle class, American born, and on and on.

While I don’t believe that circumstances ever limit or define you, they can have a significant impact on how you go about achieving your dreams.

I’ve had a lot of help, and on this birthday, I want to forward that help along.

This works twofold, you help yourself and together we help a woman who is determined to accomplish her dream.

Here’s how we’re going to do it…

I created The Courage Chart so that anyone can manifest anything they desire though a simple, yet profound, guided process. It really is a remarkable tool, and one that I’ve used to manifest everything I’ve ever wanted.

My aim is to get that framework into as many hands as possible, so that we each may be the courageous creators of our world.

For each Courage Chart that is sold today, November 20th, I will donate 50% of sales to a woman from (That’s $50 for every Courage Chart).

If you’re not familiar with Kiva—it’s an organization that facilitates loans to women starting businesses, going to school, leading their communities and building strong families—often in impoverished countries.

How it works is you make the loan, and they repay it. Then you can either withdraw the funds, or invest in another woman’s dream.

I will never withdraw those funds.

I want to see this money circumnavigate the globe many times over and bear witness to women powerfully creating their lives.

I want you to be part of that too.

This, as I see it, is the ultimate win-win.

You receive a tool that will expedite and magnify the joy on your journey to accomplishing your desires, and together we support women who are doing the same.

Help yourself. Help another. Together we can shift this world.

I believe in you, infinitely, expansively.

You are SO capable.

If you want to be part of this movement of support and upliftment, grab The Courage Chart today and I will keep you abreast of where that money goes!

Love and Grace Overflowing,