My home is full of stuff that I truly truly love, and I’m constantly pruning. It’s in no way austere and I’m far from a minimalist, but the contents are very intentional. People who visit have called it the Zen Den becuase it’s warm and full of personality, but feels like a beautiful and relaxing place to spend time in.

The only way I can keep it like that is by constantly releasing things that don’t fit. And I find this perpetual relinquishment to be necessary, not just with my physical belongings, but with all aspects of my life—reltionships, food, drink, everything that surrounds me, my business. Because if that’s not all streamlined, then I feel weighted and unable to focus on the new things I want to create.

When we’re stuffed to the brim, there is no space to receive the things we want in the future.

If you want your spaces to feel light and in alignment with you as you grow than you need to treat them as though they were alive—they are, in fact, physical respresentations of your inner state. As without so within, as it were.

So to keep your inside and outside light and lithe, make a consistent practice of letting go of what no longer serves you (you’ll know becuase of how you feel when you hold it, in your hand or in your head). Letting go of stuff. Letting go of habits. Letting go of relationships. Letting go of stuff you made.

And sometimes, the letting go can be bittersweet, especially if you’ve put a lot of time, effort and love into a thing. It’s tempting to hold on to a thing that doesn’t quite feel right anymore because our fear of loss is so great that it might, one day come in handy.

If one of your main excuses is But I might need it later, then here’s the solution. Go through your house, put everything that doesn’t feel right but you’re loathe to let go of in a box. Put that box in storage for a month. If you didn’t need it or miss it. Donate it.

The same approach can be applied to many areas of our lives—just have a think on that.

The letting go is liberating. It prepares space for more, which makes life super fun.

This applies to our businesses as well. For a while I’ve toyed with the thought of taking a few of my digital products off the shelf because they aren’t in full alignment with where my company is going, but I haven’t done it because what if….

But as with my home so with my business. In the vein of making space, I will be discontinuing my messaging products come 2018.

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Love and making space,


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