Seriously? Is THIS it?

Yeah, that question, that feeling, that total mindmuck of stuck. I’ve been there, and I bet there’s a piece of you (maybe the whole pie) that’s there too.

Business is profitable, you worked your butt off to get it there. You love your family, you love your friends. You have things like vacations in real hotels, and a car that doesn’t look like you’ve been living out the back of it for the past 6 months.

You should be content. This life you’ve created is supposed to be enough.

And yet something is dimmed. A central piece of WHO YOU ARE is dulled.

SO WHAT GIVES? Why aren’t you blissfully happy, running down a beach with arms spread wide like a goofy stock photo you secretly love?

That inner light of brilliance you used to have…who shut that down?

And where is the ever lovin’ switch?

There comes a moment where you’d do just about anything to feel bright again.

Of course you would.

Why wouldn’t you? You’re built to shine.

And that’s what we do here.

We take closed hearts and forgotten dreams out of the basement and into the light.

We REFUSE to stay stuck.

We make brave choices, every day, that transform lives from bondage to brilliance – in spite of fear, logic, and circumstances.

Together We Say:

F*ck the Default.

I’ll do what I want.

I am made to feel free.

Together We Say:

F*ck the Default.

I’ll do what I want.

I am made to feel free.

I’m Ash, badass with a tender heart, and, darling, I know how you feel. I’ve been there so many times it’s like I’ve intentionally constructed my life to be a bootcamp of brave.

Meaning, I don’t stick around in situations that threaten to hermetically seal my heart and dim my light to dark.

I move, often through fear (sometimes with tears), into the excited unknown because I know it will be better than continuing along a path toward certain destruction. That might sound dramatic, and it’s meant to, because this is your life – what else warrants greater fervor than that?

Living your life on the tenet of brave isn’t easy. It’s damn near counterculture, with side eyes and misunderstanding lurking around every corner. Yet, you also have the privilege of being a source of inspiration to those looking for permission to live through desire. 

But, best of all, you get to experience LIFE in all its sticky, sweet, unorganized and marvelous wonder. 

Experience and I are old friends.

I’ve been an actress, an engineer, an architect, a construction countess, a graphic designer, a web designer, a real estate investor, a journalist, a copywriter, a messaging mentor and always a guide.

Some call it career A.D.D – I call it refusing to settle.

I’ve built successful businesses, and I’ve failed. (Don’t trust a mentor who’s never failed, they’re missing half the equation of success.)

My graphic design business gave me my first taste of real freedom, a walkabout in south america, and the ability to move to Argentina. It taught me how to see the desires of others and give them form. I shuttered it when I found writing.

My copywriting and message mentoring business brought me home to Hawaii, to myself, to my passion. It made me more money than I needed and gave me the freedom to surf whenever there were waves. It positively impacted hundreds of business owners, and I closed it, not because it failed, but because it threatened to snuff out the spark of my soul, and I knew I was meant for something different.

And once – between those successes – I epically and expensively failed. Turns out doing something for the money is never a good idea. The shame failing stayed with me for a time (I did the work to let it go), and today I am a vat of gratitude for that failure because without it I wouldn’t know that I could (and would) find my way to success.

I wouldn’t know that no matter what, I am okay. I wouldn’t have total trust that I am taken care of.

Without the duality of success and failure – I wouldn’t know that life is for me, and everything always works out.

Even though I’ve experienced moments riddled with fear and shaky shuffles forward, I have never once regretted a decision to change direction, explore, and dive into the depth of unknown.

Because of those choices, I now possess an unflappable foundation of joy and freedom that no amount of playing it safe could ever bestow.

Brave living isn’t about bravado – it’s about choice. And it ain’t always easy, but if you can stay open, if you can trust, if you take responsibility for your LIFE, the risk is always always worth it.

I don’t know where I’d be if I’d chosen the safe path – probably stuck in a construction trailer from pre-dawn till dark, fighting my misery and making a shitton of money that I never had time to enjoy.

Thankfully my reality is quite different.

Today I live in Hawaii (my hometown), in a house straight off my vision board, minutes away from the surf and my parents (whom I adore). I spend my time writing, teaching, mentoring, loving and adventuring outside every day that I choose. I travel often and revel in seeing the world.

Freedom permeates my days because this is life on my terms. I designed it, and, as the architect and the contractor, I have carte blanche to renovate it at any time.

That is living brave. That is feeling free. That’s what is possible for you.

If you want to know more about how I do it, and how you can too – first, take The Brave Quiz to see where you’re at and where you can go.

Your future is bright.


Love and Illumination,


Your ladyboss with a soft side










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