Hi! I’m Ash or Ashley, depends on who’s calling.

I truly believe that unfettered entrepreneurial voices are needed more than ever.

I approach messaging from the inside-out and words are how I help people to access themselves, their mission, and their connection with others.

Seeking, seeing, creating and expressing are not always easy, but they are required to living a fulfilling life, and the good news is, you won’t break—you’ll bloom.

As sturdy as a three legged stool, there are three things I KNOW to be true:

You are loved

Your voice is meant to be expressed

There is so much potential in each one of us that it is nothing short of pure f*cking magic.

As sturdy as a three-legged stool, there are things I KNOW to be true:

You are loved.

Your voice is meant to be heard.


I’ve been a professional writer and mentor (as in full-time funded) since 2012. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients on translating the whirl of inspiration and talent tornadoing through their minds into words that make sense to both themselves and the world.


After spending years helping entreprenurs across the globe, I’m currently focused on working with local Hawai’i business owners to create consistent and clear communication with their communities so that their business thrives—and thereby does our greater community.


(who calls it that these days?)

Although, I’ve written for publications across the internet like Huffpo, Elephant Journal and Stratejoy, the majority of my creative focus goes to writing Inklings—my column to this wilderness’ readers, the contents of which may or may not show up elsewhere.

I write about life—navigating it in all its gritty glory—joy, expression, creativity, and doing it your way. “Your emails are the only ones I read consistently” is something I hear a lot. You can join us, I’d love to have you.


(for the detail lovers)

I was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii, but I’m a traveler and have spent almost as much time off island as on.

I’ve lived in the high desert of California, the flatlands of Michigan, the frenetic fabric of Los Angeles, the breathtaking beauty of Patagonia and currently reside in Mid-Pac Paradise. Pieces of every place I’ve experienced have lodged themselves into that soft space from which creativity comes, influencing everything I do.

Experience, that lusty lady, and I are old friends.

I’ve been an actress, an engineer, an architect, a construction bootlicker, a graphic designer, a web designer, a real estate investor, a journalist, a copywriter, a messaging mentor, a creative writer and always a believer in following your joy.

Some call it career A.D.D – I call it dream discovery.

I’ve built successful businesses, and I’ve failed.

My graphic design business gave me my first taste of real freedom—living alone, a walkabout in South America and the ability to move to Argentina. It taught me how to see the desires of others and give them form. I shuttered it when I found writing.

My writing and mentoring business brought me home to Hawaii, to myself and to my purpose. It made me more money than I needed and gave me the freedom to surf whenever there were waves. It has positively impacted and given voice to hundreds of business owners. Once, I tried to close it, but there’s no relinquishing what you’re here to do, so instead I expanded it to include everything and it feels whole.

One time, in between those successes, I epically and expensively failed. Turns out doing something just for the money is never a good idea.

Even though I’ve experienced moments riddled with fear and shaky shuffles forward, I have never once regretted a decision to change direction, explore, and dive into the depth of unknown.

I don’t know where I’d be if I’d chosen the safe path—probably stuck in a construction trailer from pre-dawn till dark, fighting my misery and making a shitton of money that I never had time to enjoy.

Thankfully my reality is quite different.

Today I live in Kona, Hawaii (my hometown), in a house straight off my vision board, with my hunky woodworker husband, minutes away from the surf and my parents (whom I adore).

I spend my time writing, mentoring, loving and adventuring outside every day that I choose. I travel often and revel in seeing the world.

None of which would be possible had a chosen the road more traveled.

So, battle-scared and beaming, I’m here to tell you that, if you choose to cut your own path—machete and temerity in hand—your future is lookin’ bright.

Love and Courage,