Appreciation shifts everything | ashleywelton.comWhether you’re a client, a provider, a colleague, or a partner, being able to communicate appreciation and gratitude will shift every single relationship you have.

Behold! 10 one liners to communicate your appreciation for another.

{Name}, you absolutely nailed that {specific thing}, and you’ve made my life one million times easier. Thank you.

The fact that you always show up on time fills me with such glee that I want to spontaneously dance at every moment.

You support me in being a better person, thank you.

I love how you take initiative; it’s my favorite thing about you.

Your positive attitude makes working with you feel like a swim in the sea on a hot sunny day.

Your ideas are so inspiring, I appreciate that you always bring your best to the team.

I cannot think of a better person to co-create with; seriously, you are the bomb.

Your attention to detail is mind boggling, where would I be without you? Probably lost in a pile of half-baked ideas, swimming madly for the surface. Thank you!

I’m always excited to get on the phone with you; it feels like a deep breath after a long run.

You make me feel safe, like I can be 100% myself, and in a world of show and tell, it’s one of the most valuable things I know. Thank you.

There you go. I challenge you to use one of these (tweak it to fit) and send it to someone. Do it now! Now now now.