Ashley Welton is…

Borrow My Brave

(until you find your own)




It’s not about needing a coach.


It’s about having the courage to up the wattage on your life and make choices that electrify your spirit.

Even when you’re terrified.


Even when you’re trapped.


Even when you’re afraid that if you change anything you might lose everything.

The Borrow My Brave™ method moves you from strangled to striding forward as the courageous creator of your own life.

Because, honey, your life is your business and it is begging you to come alive. 

How Can I Help You?

The Brave Buzz

Here you’ll find stories on adventure, joy, and living life on your terms. The aim? You, lighting a fire in your soul, grabbing your life by the short and curlies, and saying, “This is my life, I’m riding hard ‘till dawn.”  Are you ready to up the amperage? Read On >>


Have you forgotten what it’s like to be free? For those of you who know there’s something more and are ready to electrify your life so that who you are, how you live, and how you work are seamlessly integrated and bright beyond measure. It’s your time to come alive. Learn More>>

The JoyBomb Brigade


The JoyBomb Collective is a community of joy based business owners operating outside of the box. We are the inspiration seekers and the Creative Heralds who live collaboration, contribution, and love. Spread the joy; join the community.

Your life is whispering to you.
Will you answer the call?

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