Borrow My Brave

(and bloom your own) YES!
There is nothing quite so magnetic as a woman who is alive — sparking, shining, bringing brightness wherever she wanders.

But in every alive there has been a moment of dull, a time of trapped, a place of stuck. It’s life, it’s human, and it happens to all of us.

Our purpose, however, is not to station ourselves in stalemate.

It is to move bravely forward with courage, and sometimes tears, convicted in the direction of our desires. 

That is where you’ll find your alive — jettisoning your way through the universe.

Joy is found in movement.

Brave is the decison to move.

Even when you’re terrified.


Even when you’re trapped.


Even when you’re afraid that if you change anything you might lose everything.

I guide women—who feel stuck—to change the way they approach accomplishment and find their next shift, from the inside-out.

Your life is whispering to you.
Will you answer the call?

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