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Borrow My Brave™ 

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Of course you want to embody and express yourself, to feel joy in all directions, to come alive.

It is your birthright.

But the more you’re caught up in the day-to-day business, the more it becomes your focus, and the harder it is to LIVE out the person you are, the person you love writing about, the person you love to share, the person you know yourself to be at the very core.

There comes a time to shine the light on who you really are – to unlock, embrace, and embody your singular expression – and have the courage to be relentless in your pursuit of authenticity, in every crevice of your life.

That is living your message. That is a congruent existence. That is the art of living meaningfully well.

That is a life of extraordinary contribution.

I work with entrepreneurs to close the gap that’s keeping you from coming fully alive and aligning what you say you stand for and the way you live your life.

Because a well-lived life is not just about what you say or what you do. It’s about how you BE.

The Art of Coming Alive
On adventure, joy, expression, and living life on your terms!

Your life is whispering to you.
Will you answer the call?

How Can I Help You?



Self Study

For you DIYers who want to the clarity, confidence, and know-how to write a message so completely in alignment with you and your business that it utterly captivates the audience whom you are meant to serve. Learn More>>


For entrepreneurs who know there’s something more and are looking to live a life (and business) congruent with their core message so that who they are, how they live, and how they do business are seamlessly integrated and magnetic beyond measure. Learn More>>

The JoyBomb Brigade

The JoyBomb Collective

The JoyBomb Collective is a community of joy based business owners operating outside of the box. We are the inspiration seekers and the creative Heralds who live collaboration, contribution, and love. Spread the joy; join the community.

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